Animist Recovery Circles in Tucson


Recovery Comes Full Circle…

National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. So, in honor of this observance, and due to a growing need for Recovery Circles with an Earth honoring perspective, Web of Life Animist church now offers weekly Friday Recovery Support circles, which we call Animist Recovery Circles.

Addiction grows in the land of Separation, and together we heal this land with Connection, through the rhythms of our internal wisdom.

This circle is for those who are actively tending their recovery from addictions. This unique offering combines drumming, journeying and voluntary sharing, as a means to explore your interior landscape of recovery. Connect with your recovery allies, your sobriety guides and ancestors through meditations and soundscapes. No previous experience necessary, only a desire to amplify your spiritual experience. Join us for new perspective on how your “higher powers” are communicating in your life and gain a deeper understanding of your unique journey.

What is Animism? See our explanation HERE

Circle meets in Tucson, AZ weekly, Fridays 5:30-6:30 PM with the first three Fridays of each monthly being led by Laura Brinckerhoff and Charles Gillispie.
Fourth Friday circle is entitled “Understanding the Spirits of Addiction” and is led by Quynn Red Mountain.

Circle Hosts are:

Laura is a Tacheria Graduate, spiritual director and Animist
Minister in training. She has been clean and sober since 8-8-88. Her recovery is supported by a deep and abiding connection to the natural world and as a spiritual eclectic, has found strength, hope and service in the Animist Traditions.

Charles is a Certified Spiritual Director, a Poet Dreamer Philosopher, who views sobriety as a spiritual path, towards peace, awareness and health.

Quynn is an Animist Minister and founder of Web of Life Animist Church.

“I’ve always considered my recovery to be the channel that allows for a direct connection to my higher power. When that connection gets strained or broken, it requires mending through action and intention. My recovery connection depends on guidance from allies, nature and magic as well as personal growth and the seeking of spiritual knowledge.
I have worked in the field of addictions for 30 years and met many people who find lasting recovery through a wide range of methods. Recovery is a personal journey. In the nest-like comfort of our sanctuary, I invite you to explore the interior landscape of your own imagination—connecting to guides and allies to help you along the way. Let the drum help you access your unconscious, the place where answers and possibilities dwell, where healing assistance is waiting to be called forth!
I believe there is a living, breathing goodness inside all of us. Come share yours through the drum journey.” Laura Brinkerhoff

This circle is open to anyone of any gender, tradition or belief system who is sober on the day of the gathering.

12 Step Friendly and Offered by Donation (common donation $5-10)
No one is turned away due to inability to donate.

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