5 Part Online Series begins on Saturday, January 23, 2021

As 2020 closes (thank goodness!) and a new year begins, I am so happy to introduce a new series, based on my first book “A Tribe of One”, originally published in 2004. The book explore and shares the early years of my calling and training in the Animist arts (which I used to call “Shamanic”-see my attitude about this word now) and shared in a way to help the reader find their own paths of intuition, healing and rekindling their Animist self. The book has been newly re-edited for the world in which we now live, and the worlds that are coming for us. The new title is Becoming Kindred-Rekindle your Animist Self for the “After Times”.

Saturdays, January 23, Feb 13 and 26, March 13 and 27 10am-noon MST  

Each session of this series highlights the following subjects/chapters (in order) to activate and unearth the authentic Self (Kindred) of each participant. We use the stories/examples in the book, the rhythm journey (if you don’t know how, you will be guided by this book and by me), journaling and sharing as our discovery tools. This training is a foundation series for anyone ready to dive into their own healing, or to go on in their intuitive training with me.  However, this series is a personal development adventure, with no assumption of “training” or being a practitioner. 

Session 1: Chapter One and Introduction…: Becoming Kindred in our current World
Session 3: Chapter ThreeHEALING FOR OUR PAST
Session Four- Chapter Four:~SHA’GAN~‌ ‌CONNECTING‌ ‌WITH‌ ‌THE‌ ‌WORLD‌ ‌AROUND‌
Session 5- Chapter Five and Conclusion: GETTING ANSWERS AND KINDRED INITIATION

Here are all the details. https://weboflifeanimists.com/product/becoming-kindred-personal-activation-series/

For the new year, and our coming era, I am offering this series (which includes all 5 chapters of the book) by donation for anyone who is committed to the whole series, Donation can be offered by the session. Beginners are welcome!!! The content is designed to custom fit with where you are right now.

To register, email your desire to participate through the contact page.

Join me!
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