Ceremonies and Performances

Earth Web Media’s Great Raven Productions is honored to present original productions of Ceremony, Ritual and Performance that honor the Earth, the Web of Life, and the Goddess in all Her forms.

Saturday, February 2, 2019  Ravenous-A Community Seance 2

Saturday, October 20, 2018  Crazy Witches! Soul Gathering Event

Saturday, October 6 7pm @ Web of Life Animist church

Friday, July 20  7pm at Galactic Center 35 E Toole Ave downtown Tucson

Raven, Owl and Vulture fly between the worlds to uplift us from the mayhem of this realm.

How do we not drown in the feelings of…
pain, struggle, frustration, anger, low energy, resentment, sadness, fear, desperation, panic, disbelief?

We gather together in Earth honoring Community and call upon our Spirit Allies to help us clear, release, and heal in the moment, so we are stronger for this world.

Please join us. This is an Ascending Healing event (raising us up out of the muck) hosted by Intuitive Shamanic Animists. Quynn, Elisabeth and Dee have called forth their Avian Allies to be of service in these challenging times. Through Animist Seance, Enrapturing Storytelling, Spirit World Travel, Sacred “Costume”, Drumming and Healing Trance, Raven and Owl will help us to release what is ready to be offered to our Spirit Friends so we can feel connected and more centered for the days to come.

Requested donation: $10-$20 no one turned away. Offer what you can.

Due to mature themes, adults only please.

Past Events and Ceremonies

THIS GAVE ME CHILLS ALL OVER MY BODY MIND & SPIRIT ???????????????????????? what beautiful animists, each of you!

It was a beautiful, magical experience. Thank you all. Can’t wait for the next one 

This was an incredibly profound performance by a small group of courageous women determined to express the deeply suppressed feminine creative spirit and energy in our culture. Beautifully and powerfully performed! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this.