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Earth Tribe Network is the growing media archive for EARTH WEB MEDIA. We honor the sacred lands around us, and issues that affect Earth Loving Animists everywhere.

Earth Web Media creates and provides internet programming that highlights the Earth and those who honor it.

-Earth Web Media channels Animistic Eco-Spirituality* through webcast technology and the arts (including, but not limited to: video, audio, storytelling, dance, mask and musicmaking, ritual, and the intuitive arts) to share with people in the physical world and through the world wide web.
-Eco-Spiritual culture is dependent upon its people having some kind of contact with Nature. The natural world is changing quickly in our lifetime, and many places are disappearing or permanently altered at the hands of people who do not see the land/water as sacred. Earth Web Media documents, highlights and archives the public lands of the western United States, where 50% of the lands are held in trust by the state or federal government. EWM also highlights issues that affect Earth Lovers everywhere.
-Earth Web Media offers technological education for Earth-honoring peoples so they can more effectively document and tell stories that are important for their culture and the land where they live.

*While the words “Animism” and “Shamanic”  have their own meanings, Earth Web Media’s collective definition is as follows: “Shamanic Animism” is a process that encourages the individual to perceive themselves as an equal in the web of life, and as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle. Our primary method of communication and communion is listening to rhythm.”

Earth Tribe TV, as a part of Earth Web Media, was founded in 2006 to create, gather and promote media content that strengthens, reflects and archives Earth’s sustainable culture.

Earth Tribe TV focuses our energies on the following areas- Content Creation and Casting

Content Creation–

Earth Web Media produces original videos that highlight people, organizations and places that promote Earth Tribe Ideas. Earth Web Media also teaches adults and teens how to produce their own video and audio content.

Content “Casting”-

Earth Web Media has many long term projects in the works. A large part of the success of “sustainability” is to employ “gradualism”. Small efforts in a consistent direction over a period of time. The following pages each describe the particular project, and help hold the growing Earth Tribe Network archive of nature related media.

EWM was incorporated by Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain.  Quynn is also a shamanic practitioner and founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts.  She realized that the only way the human tribe will be able to move into the next world of consciousness is through enhanced communication using the creative arts. It is to this end that she created Earth Tribe TV and Earth Tribe Radio, celebrating the Earth in what we call “media”.
Another aspect of “media”? The word is the plural for “medium”. Each person who speaks for the Earth is a medium. Collectively, we are “media”.

Social Networking happens both in the web, and in the physical world:

En Silica (web): EWM provides Ceremony, Community, Education and Prayers through Video, Text, Image and Audio Channels
En Viva (physical): EWM provides Community Events, Performances, Retreats, Ministry*, Training and Education Services

* “Ministry” is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning “to serve”.

Stay tuned for more info about EARTH WEB MEDIA INC as we grow.

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