Healing Sessions in Person (in Tucson) and Online

My Spirit World named me OOlah in 1998 and this is my role “One Who Balances”. I consider myself a Spirit Bridge Practitioner (I used to call myself a “Shamanic” Practitioner) in the Full Circle Animist tradition. I am also the Animist Minister for Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church. All these roles combine in my authentic and collaborative sessions and I am so grateful to be able to work with so many fantastic people! If you feel resonance with these words,  I look forward to working with you!

As an Animist minister, I am available to assist in situations of the ultimate trinity, one’s  heart, mind and spirit.  I share Spirit guided ways to help you navigate through blocks and patterns that may be hindering your connection with your inner guidance.

As a human being, I have had to learn how to heal and deal with a number of difficult experiences, and by doing so, I have an understanding about how to help others through their challenges.   So far… Divorce, Death of Parent, Child (multiple generations) of Alcoholic, Child of Combat War Veteran, Personal Healing of Soul Wounds, Relationship Challenges, Living One’s “Calling”, Receiving a “devastating” diagnosis, Spiritually Weaving through Cancer, Hysterectomy, Maintaining Healthy Life.  I also am a Blended Spirit Person and fluid gendered Starseed Walk-In kind of Being, which can be challenges to unfold one’s true self in the dominant culture.

I can still hear the wings calling and healing. I loved all the support and inspiration given to me during my session. I continue to get new information that is encouraging my shift of my journey on life. My session was profound! Thank you!
Personal Sessions with Quynn for Healing, Clearing and Activation- Online and In Person (Tucson, AZ)

Any of the sessions listed below can help bring relief for:

Soul Restoration 
Energy Body Clearing
Plant Medicine Integration
Power Reclamation

Animist Reconciliation
Engendered Energy Balancing
Banishing Self-Doubt
Trauma Tending
Spirit World Remembering
Past Life and Ancestral Healing

In these sessions, I use the drum journey, imagination imagery and divination.  These sessions can include what are commonly called Soul Retrievals, Clearings, Energy Body Balancing, Extractions and Infusions. What exactly happens will be unknown until the session unfolds. Please see OOLAH Agreements at bottom of page to best take care of yourself during your session.

Any of the sessions below are available for students and patients of Plant Teachers. 

What is Soul Restoration?~
Due to living through personal and ancestral traumas, parts of our Soul can get stuck in the past, what I now call “time loops”.  We can rescue them.  Soul loss is real, and Soul restoration (which includes soul retrieval) is a real remedy for what ails your Soul.

rainbow gateway
Spiritual Guidance and Healing
Personal Session

We will open our sacred circle with prayer and intention yet know that you will not be asked to do anything that does not feel comfortable. Then I, and my guides, will work with you and your guides in a guided journey to clear away and gather in what is needed for you to move forward on your path. I use my storytelling voice, my drum for your highest good.

My Spirit World has shown me a gateway. In order to enter the Spirit World to seek guidance about your issue, I am to enter this portal. We call upon your ancestors and our guides to be present to assist us in this work related to your intention. In my inner vision I walk through and am taken where I need to go to learn more about your issue. I share what I experience with you and I offer messages that come.

While the rhythm continues, I share what I see and perceive as it happens, creating a dynamic cooperative Spirit World journey experience. My intention is to listen to what wants to be said and done through me to be supportive of your personal experience.

I will respond by email after donation is received, to set up time for session in Tucson or online/phone. :)


”Thank you. That was incredible. :)”

Inner Child Retrieval Session

“inner child”
A person’s original or true self, especially when regarded as wounded or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

You are able to engage in sacred time traveling to reconnect with a part of you that needs you now. Each Younger You that is still unresolved, shut down or scared affects you NOW.

In this private session, you and Quynn will open your healing circle. Then you will be guided within your inner world to recruit a Spirit Ally who is can help you find a younger part of you who experienced a soul wound that is affecting you now. Your Ally and Quynn will help you bring your inner child or younger self Home to YOU.

You are strong enough now to use the rhythms of rattle and drum to help you journey to travel back into various time loops (“places” where your Self is stuck) to retrieve your younger self that was separated 10, 20, 40 years ago.

When you are able to help them, him or her, you help yourself live more fully as your authentic self as the adult or elder you are. Your Spirit Guides are waiting to help you do this work. There are Allies from the Spirit World who are perfect for this job. Call upon them and they will come.

Human Beings of all genders are welcome.

I will respond by email after donation is received, to set up time for session in Tucson or online/phone. :)

“I saw Quynn to try to restore myself to the man I was before a  tour in a war zone as a US Marine. She not only  enabled me to get past traumatic experiences in theater she also realized from the very beginning of our session a childhood trauma that related to similar feelings in a no win action. She helped me resolve these conflicts and evict them from my soul like old filth, which they are. In essence, she helped me save myself. A truly unique experience.”

Past Life Healing and Activation Session

The time is right to reach through time and space to connect with a past life experience that is affecting your life right now.

Many people feel that experiences from other lifetimes or dimensional realities influence their current life, in known and unknown ways. Getting to the root of a current issue/block/behavior (as well as your sacred ability/calling) might involve connecting with an experience, or series of experiences, from the time before you were born this time.

Through the process of inner world travel on the sounds of rattle and drum, a guided journey unfolds. Together we go in to find a life story that is meaningful to your life right now. A relevant and teaching story comes forth through your awake dreaming mind, guided by Quynn and her guides. A part of you is found…and then something needs to happen for resolution. Sometimes a retrieval is needed, other times- an activation, a healing, a reconciliation between the worlds of past and present. Your intention for your session sets the focus and trajectory of where our search may lead and what needs to unfold. The session is one piece of your healing puzzle.

Human Beings of all genders are welcome.


I will respond by email after donation is received, to set up time for session in Tucson or online/phone. :)

It’s been profound Quynn, you are really a deep well.

Soul Healing RECORDED Spirit World Journey

After I receive notice that you have purchased this service, I will send you an email asking you to write back with an intention statement regarding what you need for soul healing.

Within 24 hours of your purchase time, I will open a sacred circle and  journey on your behalf.  I travel into the Spirit realms to find a way for you to unlock, activate or heal something that is important for your Soul restoration right now.  I record what I experience (with the beats of my drum) as I “see” it, and it becomes a personally created guided spirit journey for you to take when you listen in a safe place, and when you have the energy to be fully present.  Allow my rhythm and words to help you ask for the help you need, and receive it in this moment.

The recording will be approximately 30 minutes long and shared with you through dropbox or google drive, your choice.

I just listened to my recording and journaled about my findings. It is so much of what I’ve been thinking and feeling that was knotted and this allowed the knot to unravel. I am so grateful and appreciative.

“Thank You SISTER for your guidance and loving kindness during our session”

All sessions are confidential and suited specifically to you. I work with people of all ages, genders, and from all walks of life as they hone their abilities, feelings and healing. We can meet by phone, zoom or join.me, and can be video or audio.

Sessions are offered by Sliding Scale to make this work accessible to as many people as possible. Please consider what comparable services cost, and offer as much as you can at this time. If you cannot afford a session right now, please LOOK FOR for many options for study at home options and even FREE intros to subjects. Also! You can scroll through my youtube channel to learn more!

All donations support Animist Awareness and Education projects of our Web of Life Animist Church. 

PLEASE NOTE: I hope you find your session with OOlah (Quynn Red Mountain) helpful. However, I do not provide any guarantee that you will find my journey or advice helpful, or that you will “like” the info that is shared in your session. If you like, or do not like what comes through OOlah, I invite you to write me a week after our session and tell me why. I do not guarantee that I will answer. There are no refunds.  It is what it is, whether we like it or not.   Blessings.

“Words just can’t suffice. Thank you.”

 “A master Healer leading in a space of great healing power – magical, enlightening, divine.”

“My healing session with you was extraordinary and for me, a once in a lifetime game-changer. Thank you.”

“Your guidance on journeying, and from your journeying, has been powerful for me! Thank you.”

“Amazing experience! Quynn helped me clear some deep seated issues. I look forward to my next session.”

Getting Married? Have Quynn officiate your marriage or ceremony!

Ordained Minister Services~

By setting up a personal session with Quynn, you AGREE with the following protocols for your Personal Healing Session, during, and after 

-I understand that Quynn is not a certified counselor or healthcare provider, and therefore she does not assess, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness, mental or physical.

-I understand that it is impossible to know at the beginning of the session with Quynn what exactly will happen during the session, so I agree that I will use my best judgment to take care of myself.   If, while participating, at any time I feel anything to be unsafe or uncomfortable, I can ask a question, stop the session, or will refuse to participate further.

-I understand that there might be psychological, social or economic losses or changes that could be incurred after participating in a session with Quynn. I agree that all choices are my own and I make all the decisions about my own life. Quynn does not guarantee any kind of outcome for emotional or physical healing or any kind of transformation during or after a session.

-I agree that, except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Quynn Red Mountain from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s).

-I certify that I am a competent adult, over 18 years old, and I assume these risks and sign this agreement of my own free will.

Thank you. Many blessings to you

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