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Spirit Bridge Intuitive Practitioner-Introductory Online Training

May 6 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

#### **This one year training with Quynn Red Mountain guides you to trust your inner wisdom, for yourself, and if you choose, for others (humans and others).*Begins Saturday, May 6 2023 10am-noon MST***

***Time commitment: Two 2 hour zoom meetings a month between May 6 2023-April 20 2024 + 1 hour per week of personal practice***

In Animist cultures across the planet, and throughout human time, there have always been community members who have the intuitive abilities of sight, knowing, sensing and hearing the wisdom of the “Spirit” and Nature worlds in support of the wellness of their kin.

Spirit Bridges, in the Web of Life Animist tradition, are these intuitive humans who utilize their intuitive gifts to connect with Nature Kin, Helpful Ancestors and Inner Allies at will. Using the tools of intuition, trance, rhythmic sound/motion and intention, Spirit Bridges connect with the multiple realms of “reality” to understand beneficial information, needed messages and helpful actions on behalf of self, and members of their community, for the most beneficial outcome.

The spaces of support and training for intuitive people have been drastically diminished during the times of patriarchy, colonization and white supremacy. Quynn Red Mountain, founder of Web of Life Animists and Spirit Bridge Practitioner, offers this training is offered to support and guide anyone who feels called to enhance, encourage and explore your intuitive abilities through an *Animist approach.

*We are all connected within the sacred Web of Life. We are all a part of the sacred whole.

**During our year together we will explore and practice:**

1. Reconnecting with your intuitive Animist Self within the beautiful and power-filled Web of Life
2. Relearning that you are naturally connected in “Nature”, while building trust with helpful internal and ancestral connections
3. Understanding your unique ways of intuitive perception in waking, trance and dream life
4. Exploring your healing of untended trauma, self-doubt, anxiety and concerns of “craziness”
5. Transcending the ways in which colonization, patriarchy, white and human supremacy have tried to control and diminish you and your kin
6. Being willing to admit, and work with, shadow places within self and one’s ancestry, as well as holding space for other’s shadows
7. Practicing kind ways to share with others in a self-learning online environment, to the degree of your comfort
8. Playing with tools and techniques for soothing, clearing, grounding, protecting, blessing and releasing for yourself when needed
9. Enacting your ancient connections with the tools of: Spirit World Journey, Rhythmic Trance (drum and rattle), Intuition and Divination for self, and others when needed
10. Create an authentic (non-appropriative) and personal spirit guided practice that is YOURS

**As your practice grows, you will learn to understand:**

* What your Guides want from you and how to express your gifts in the world
* How to live in the world with your abilities “open” while feeling centered and protected
* The importance of being clear about your personal spiritual practice in relation to cultural appropriation and personal ancestral authenticity
* Your role in creating the world you want to live in, and actions to help bring it forth
* The ways in which you and your ancestors have experienced trauma, and what it will take to change the cycle of suffering
* How to receive and share support (from humans, nature beings and spirits) for times of isolation, sadness, challenge, sickness, personal uncomfortable growth and collective evolution.
* The importance of mutually supportive Animist community, and how you are a part of it!

> “I have learned to “own” my Animist identity and to know that feelings of fear/shame/guilt/doubt I might feel around being open about them are usually arising from the colonized/oppressor mindset that has been imprinted for so long. I also especially learned to listen to insights and messages coming in without judgement, and to acknowledge and honor whatever wisdom, guides and intuitive insights do show up to assist.”

* On the first and third Saturday we meet online together for 2 hours via zoom.us. During our live audio/video time together we explore suggested topics with words (listening, sharing, writing) and exercises to practice our skills. Our intention is to unpack our personal relationships with these important attributes of practitionership, and how we can more effectively relate to, and hold space for, others in a meaningful way. Each live time is a jumping off point. There are many directions that can be traveled on your own from each subject approached together. These sessions are recorded for listening anytime.

**Sliding Scale Tuition: ($30*-$300 a month for 12 months) depending on your financial situation. Scholarships available.**



May 6
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Online event
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