Online Journey Circles

Join Quynn for Online Journey Circles!

You do not have to be in Tucson, or in the room, with Quynn to be able to explore your inner world or access your personal and ancestral healing.

-Explore your consciousness, spirit world and soul
-Connect with the sacred Web of Life
-Tend soul wounds and traumas, bit by bit
-Expand your intuitive, empathic and spiritual abilities

There are many pre-recorded drum tracks, journeys, workshops and courses available at our STORE! Listen when it works for you!!!

February Live Online Journey Workshop:

Spirit World Apprentice- Exploring your Inner Gifts

Saturday, February 29 10:30-noon MST

We meet on a day that only happens in the Gregorian calendar every 4 years. A good day for Spirit World traveling!

“You have ancestors that knew the ways of the Earth, and who knew how to connect with the Spirit World. They are in your DNA. You can call upon them and ask them to whisper to you what to do in these times.” This was spoken in Quynn’s head many journeys ago.

The Spirit Voice speaks to you too. You have inner gifts and You too have ancestors who want to guide you. You have a direct connection to the Spirit World, and all of the guidance and healing found there. You “apprentice” to your Spirit Guides and they share their wisdom with you.

This workshop is an introduction to, what Quynn calls, “Full Circle Intuitive Animism”, which means to be open again to the wisdom of once’s Animist ancestry, taught directly by one’s Spirit World teachers, even if your direct lineage to your Animist ancestors has been altered after generations of oppression/forgetfulness. Each person has access to the realms of Spirit and Nature. If you have forgotten, you can remember.

If you feel called to explore your inner world with drum and intention, you are invited to participate in this circle. There will be 2 drum journeys and an opportunity to share after each journey. Instruction about the journeying process, as well as tips from Quynn, will be shared. We will close the circle with a session of rhythm made by all participants, to strengthen the connection to Allies in the physical and non-physical (Spirit) worlds. So much is learned and remembered when we have a safe circle in which to connect!

What can you do with the drum journey?
-Explore and understand your Spirit World
-Learn about your gifts and abilities
-Expand your mind and heart with the love of the Living World
-Feel the connection between you and all things

This circle is perfect to those who feel called to the animist path and want to expand their skills of connecting with their Spirit World in a personalized way.

Donation for this workshop is $10-$25 sliding scale.

When you register to participate in this live online circle, please “arrive” in the zoom room 5 minutes before start time. To avoid distraction, Please do not arrive in the room later than 5 minutes after start time. Thank you!

Your host is Quynn Red Mountain. Find out more about Quynn here and HERE.


REFUNDS:  Refunds will be given if Quynn has a tech issue that makes it so the circle cannot happen, or that the circle is stopped midway due to a technical issue on Quynn’s end.  Refunds will NOT be given if you are not able to attend, or for tech issues on your end.  You need to check your technology before the circle to make sure that zoom is installed and able to run on your device.

The video playlist below contains an intro journey circle, as well as 5 complete journey circles (no live guests, only YOU) for you to explore.

“This was such a beautiful experience! I was able to start my day off with amazing people right in the comfort of my house and pj’s. I also didn’t have to drive and find a baby sitter. I will definitely be at future Online Journey Circles!”

“ Love the online circles. It makes it so easy for working folks. I don’t have to rush from work to home and then to an event. 

This journey was very expansive, I was in a dizzy daze when I was about to slip through. I’m amazed at the quality of the sound on these digital files. It was as if I was there right next to Quynn drumming in the twilight. I slipped right in…..

Your guidance was comforting and relaxing. At the end of the hour I felt very refreshed and inspired.

Get Answers.  Feel Connected. Rejuvenate your Spirit.
Let Quynn be your Guide.  Share your Journey.

Your host, Quynn Red Mountain, in front of her “Rainbow Gateway”.