A TRIBE OF ONE-Shamanism Healing Training E-Course

Welcome home! “A Tribe of One” is the foundation book for Quynn’s work and personal journey over the first 10 years of her practice. Now you are able to explore your Animist Ancestry, Intuitive Nature, and Spiritual Abilities in your own unique way and in your own timing! Quynn Red Mountain is your guide. 

This Multimedia E-Course includes:

~Quynn’s E-book “A Tribe of One-A Guide for Expressing the Shamanic Self” in 5 chapters (sells for $9.95 HERE)

~5  mp3 audio companions (ranging from 25-40 minutes each) that include additional information from Quynn, guided meditations and journeying guidance for each chapter).  Listen at your convenience.

~ Private links to 5 videos created by Quynn (each are 5-12 minutes long).  Each includes readings from the chapter, in Quynn’s voice, as well as Quynn’s drumbeat.  The visual part of each video is of Quynn drumming in a beautiful place in the Sonoran Desert.  The audio consists of readings from the book and additional commentary.  The link is in the PDF companion included in each chapter’s zip file.

~A drum rhythm track (11:45 minutes), drummed by Quynn, for your journey practice. Use it again and again.


~One 45 minute mp3 audio workshop called “A Tribe of One”– After an introduction to the subject with Quynn, there are 2 shamanic journeys to learn more about your sacred “Tribe of One”

~One 24 minute video (mp4) called “A Tribe of One”– Quynn shares her thoughts about the subject and then drums for you to explore your personal relationship with your Spirit World and Ancestors

“When I discovered A Tribe Of One, and the concept of Shamana, it kind of completed me, and I feel it summed up a lifetime of searching. For that, you have my eternal gratitude.” Quote from a “Tribe of One” reader

A Tribe of One Audio Intro (hear Quynn’s voice)


Book Chapter topics:

Introduction and Chapter One: Shamanizing in the Modern World..
Creating a New Myth, Shamanizing in the Modern World, Your Relationship with “Shamana”, Preparation for Walking the Path, Understanding your Calling, Examining our Past, Am I Crazy?, Connecting with Guides

Chapter Two: Exploring your Inner Wilderness…
You Have A Beautiful World within You, The Power of Quieting the Mind, The Strength of the Imagination, Inner World Exploration,
The Shamanic Journey, An Endless Journey

Chapter Three: Healing the Past…
Exploration leads to Healing, Soul Retrieval, Healing Past Pains, Healing Helpers, Feeling Connected where You Are, Healing Your Sad Years, Family Stories, Ancestral Healing

Chapter Four: Connecting with the World Around You…
Creating Sacred Space, Finding Your Place, Calling a Circle, Connecting with Natural Time, Wisdom in your Body, Nature Loves Me, The Great Teacher, Nature Speaks

Chapter Five and Conclusion: Getting Answers and Gathering Power for Initiation
Talking with the World, The Power of your Dream World, The Art of Divination, Riding with Synchronicity, Connecting with Animal Voices, Feeling Nature’s Messages, You are Creating a New World, Blessings All Around You, Your Spirit World is Here for YOU, Paying it Forward, Ceremony for Completion

You will receive Drum Journeys, Stories and Exercises for each chapter. This is your opportunity to explore your natural connections with the sacred world within and around you!

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for E-Course All Chapters:
1) You must be able to watch videos on YouTube
2) You must be able to download the zip file of 631 mb
3) You must be able to play the downloaded audio files on your device of choice (headphones recommended)
4) You must be able to read the .pdf chapters on your device
Due to the fact that the download link is sent to you upon purchase, All sales are final. No refunds given due to System Requirement issues.

online-learning-frontpage“A Tribe of One is a refreshing take on the subject of contemporary issues and healing modalities associated with modern shamanic practitioners. Approaching the aspect that if one can heal oneself, then by extension one can then start to impact the world as we know it, in a way to bring about healing of the world. Spare prose that carries one hell of a wallop that honors what has gone on before but is not bound by it.”  Testimonial from Amazon.com

From a reader of “A Tribe of One” ~

I have never read a book that triggered so much thought.
As I am reading another person’s story, my own remembering is happening- memories are surfacing, not just as I am reading, but also during the rest of the day… thoughts of my childhood and family, memories of who I am, flood out from unlocked places to be rewoven into the powerful journey of a child that is awakening in me now.
Powerful reawakening is happening from this experience.  Thank you, I am very inspired by your writing.

A Tribe of One E-Course can help you learn how to utilize shamanic techniques for self healing and soul exploration.

q pink drumExplore your Inner World and Express your Sacred Self with Quynn Red Mountain!