Explore your Spirit World Shamanic E Course

~Welcome to your Spirit World~

Explore your Spirit World with Quynn Red Mountain as your Guide~

This experiential and expansive course consists of 7 workshops that guide you to connect with your own personal Spirit World.  The three worlds, the four directions, and the world tree are connected with the vast consciousness of all Life.  Quynn guides you within yourself to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides. Quynn’s drumbeats will part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.

Included in this Course:

~A ten minute welcome video with Quynn in her “Spirit House’- Includes introductory information about Creating Sacred Space, Trusting Yourself and What to expect (mp4 download)

~A Drum Track for Shamanic Journeys (11 minutes long)- Drummed by Quynn-Use it again and again to hone your skills (mp3 download)

~An 18 minute Shamanic Drum Journey called “Your Three Worlds” with a verbal intro from Quynn and then the drum journey(s) (mp3 download)

-Seven mp3 Audio Workshops, totaling over 7 hours of instruction, meditations and shamanic journeys.  Each workshop dives into an important aspect of your Spirit World (mp3 downloads)

~ Journal Ideas and Prompts for the deepening of your Experience-Writing becomes another Spirit Helper

Each mp3 workshop consists of an introduction to the subject with Quynn, and then there are (generally) two drum shamanic journeys about varying aspects of the subject.  Each drum is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Before you begin a workshop, please make sure you have the time and safe space to relax and turn inward.  Also, it is best to use earbuds or headphones, and to have a notebook and pen ready.

You can listen to the workshops in any order, although I have listed them in an order that I feel is a useful progression.  You have a natural connection to the multidimensional worlds.  This course is designed to help you connect, explore and receive guidance in your own way.

Available for only $39 –

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a blue download link to the 723mb zipped file.  Audio files are mp3s. Video is mp4


Listen to Quynn share about the contents of this course-to the sound of a rattle

Descriptions of Your Seven Workshops

Workshop #1   Gathering Spirit Guides

“Let your mind wander…you never know what it might bring back.” Quynn

The ancient combination of consistent rhythm, a focused intention and a sense of expectancy has always aided humans in connecting with our inner worlds and the natural world around us. Every human has such abilities, and with encouragement, and a bit of instruction, it is amazing what can come forth for the journeyer! Most of us have questions about our Soul’s path, finances, family/relationship and health. These questions can be the focused intentions for this circle, and your sense of expectancy is the bridge between the guides who have always been with you (even if you have not yet formally met). All people of all ancient tribes have this birthright! Come claim yours…

Workshop #2   Your World Tree

A tree that bridges all three worlds shows up in so many traditions!  The type of tree changes, but the TREE is considered sacred to Earth honoring peoples around the Earth.  The roots in the underworld, the trunk in the middle world, and the branches reach towards the upper world.   What do you know about YOUR World Tree? The One that can help you travel where you need to go, and that is your Tree Being Teacher?

In this workshop, listen to your Tree Teacher while the drumbeats take you where you need to go.   Your tree(s) waits for you.

Workshop #3   Your Three Worlds

Shamanic cultures all over this Earth share their stories about the Three Worlds.  Tales of Upper, Middle and Lower/Under Worlds map the shamanic realms, revealing what to do, where…and where to go, when.  In this workshop, we will trust our inner guides to share their stories with us.  Participants in this circle will journey within to ask the worlds themselves for direct revelation about what they are, how to honor them, and how they are to be used by YOU.

Your inner world wants to directly share its specific teachings with you so you are more able to maneuver effectively to, and through, your vast inner landscape for healing, guidance, and support.

Call on the wisdom of your ancestors, guides and guardians and they will come to share with you. What does your Upper World want from you? When is it best to visit your Lower World? How do you best maneuver in your Middle World?  Quynn will share stories from a variety of cultural approaches to these very important questions, and then the drum will take you where you need to go. As it always does.

Workshop #4    Spirit World Mapping

Great news!  Your inner world is ready to be explored by you.  This “place” within is as vast as the world(s) around you, and just as there are specific places to explore in Nature, your inner world is just as intricate, with sacred power spots you can visit again and again during your life for reasons big and small.

Our ancestors knew the paths through the places needed most, and they were told the ways to get where they needed to go.  The key to your map is inside, and your guides are waiting to share it with you.  The more comfortable you are in your own sacred terrain, the better spirit traveler you become.

This workshop inspires you to prompt your own DNA memory maps for your inner world.

Workshop #5   Down the Rabbit Hole-Exploring your Under/Lower World

Tunnels, dens, roots, and holes in trees can all be portals to your Under/Lower World.  There are strong teachings here. Do not be afraid.

There is no negative judgement about the underworld in this practice, and it is time to learn, or learn more, about what your underworld guides and teachers have to share with you.  We will hear stories of what various cultures have felt about the “underworld” from a shamanic perspective, and then there will be two journeys within, for you to feel it for yourself. Explore the landscape and ask questions that are ready to be asked about how YOUR Underworld works for you.  

Workshop #6   Middle World Navigation and Upper World Blessings

Rainbows, Ancestors, Angels and Star People. Nature, “Good” and “Bad”, and Lost Souls-

Many shamanic traditions speak of 3 worlds within non-ordinary reality. The Lower World, Middle World and Upper World On this day we will travel in the Middle World, and to your Upper World to connect with teachings and guides that we need most right now. You have access to these places in your inner landscape.

The Middle World and The Upper World are meaningful and important “places” to explore, for your spiritual benefit.  See who wants to connect with you, and where you are asked to explore.  Why might you go where?  Experience this exploration with Quynn as your guide.               


Workshop #7   Wisdom of the Four Directions

North, South, East and West. Each direction has wisdom for you.  Each way of your personal circle helps you connect with your personal power of Place.  Feeling connected with your place (within and around you) is essential as you connect with your shamanic self.

In this Introductory Workshop, you will experience verbal guidance and three shamanic journey sessions that guide you to connect with the four directions around you.

You can journey again and again. You can listen over and over. Your journal writings will stay with you forever. The teachings, assistance and healing you receive will change you. Blessings for your journey.