Free Introduction to Spirit World Exploration

945837_10201288142993891_1749401971_nImagine that you have an expansive world within you right nowAn ‘Inner Wilderness’ that is waiting to be explored and utilized ​by you.

What if there are vast numbers of guides and helpers that have been in this place within you since birth (maybe before birth)?  They wait for you, yet you have not come for a very long time. They miss you.

The good thing is that at any moment you and this wisdom can reconnect.

All humans need to be in contact with inner guidance.  The shamanic journey will help you reconnect with,  and then strengthen your connection to, your inner world.

This 8 page PDF Free Introduction to Spirit World Exploration includes~

~Instruction and guidance related to the process of shamanic journeying
~4 intentions for shamanic journeys/meditations related to navigation of your Spirit World and connecting with helpful guidance