Soul Restoration Healing Course

IMG_20150826_075147Soul Restoration and Healing with Quynn Red Mountain

 Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing.

So many people have had experiences that have shut them down, or slowed their progression. The more you know about why, the more you can integrate those lost, angry or sad parts so you can move forward towards your Soul’s calling. What parts of you are ready to “come home” so you can more beautifully move in the direction of your “Soul’s Call”.

There are two general forms of Soul Loss/Wounds, experienced by many sensitive people.  Multi-Generational Soul Wounds and PTSD from Trauma experienced in one’s life.  Both are uniquely damaging to the human essence, and shamanic tools can assist sensitive people in healing/soothing/tending each individually or mixed with each other.

Multi-Generational Soul Wounds– Depending on one’s heritage, a person with sensitivities to emotion/spirit/nature may have many generations of ancestors who hid their true self to avoid oppression (if they were able to avoid or hide from it), “passed” to survive, or had to fight/flight/freeze to get along.  These behaviors are passed down through the generations, creating feelings of separation, anger and depression in people today.

Also, growing up in this culture causes many people with Animist hearts to doubt their natural connection to the world around them.  This ancestral separation creates soul loss and cultural amnesia.   In order for a seeker to experience emotional freedom and reconnect with their inner worlds and the world around her/him, each person must heal their ancestral soul wounds, and from the various forms of past trauma that so many have experienced.

PTSD (Post and Pre Traumatic Soul Distress) can be caused by many experiences, and all can significantly damage the soul of a sensitive person for the rest of their life if not tended/soothed/healed.  Shamanic practice , using the conscious activation of our dreaming mind, and accessing our natural Inner teachers and Healers, can significantly disinfect festering soul wounds caused by sexual trauma, disaster, and war-related emotional wounds.

This course is a compilation of 7 one hour workshops and support journeys offered over a year’s time, each related to important subject areas of Soul Restoration.  The audio mp3 can be listened to over and over as a tool to deepen one’s inner practice, and consider them healing helpers when you need assistance from your Ancestors and Guardians.

Included in this Course:

~A ten minute welcome mp3 with Quynn- Includes introductory information about Creating Sacred Space and What to expect (mp3)

~A Drum Track for Shamanic Journeys (11 minutes long)- Drummed by Quynn-Use it again and again to hone your skills (mp3)

~A 14 minute Rattle Track for Shamanic Journeys-Rattled by Quynn-Use it again and again to honor your skills (mp3)

~A 14 minute Shamanic Drum Journey called “Forgiveness” with a verbal intro from Quynn and then the drum journey(s) (mp3)

-Seven mp3 Audio Workshops, totaling over 7 hours of instruction, meditations and shamanic journeys.  Each workshop dives into an important aspect of your Spirit World (mp3s) See below.

~ Journal Ideas and Prompts for the deepening of your Experience-Writing becomes another Spirit Helper

This course is not intended to replace medical/psychological attention.  Quynn is not a therapist or counselor.  She uses the rhythm of a drum to help guide people within, and offers tips from her own experience and research.

Over 7 hours of instruction for only $39

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a blue download link to the 454 mb zipped file.  Audio files are mp3s.

soul restorationEach mp3 workshop consists of an introduction to the subject with Quynn, and then there are (generally) two drum shamanic journeys about varying aspects of the subject.  Each drum is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Before you begin a workshop, please make sure you have the time and safe space to relax and turn inward.  Also, it is best to use earbuds or headphones, and to have a notebook and pen ready.

You can listen to the workshops in any order, although I have listed them in an order that I feel is a useful progression.  You have a natural connection to the multidimensional worlds.  This course is designed to help you connect, explore and receive guidance in your own way.

Descriptions of Your Drum Journey:


Forgiveness is a challenging experience and can be a long process.  This journey assists you in tracking the energy surrounding Forgiveness in your Body, with the help of a Spirit Guardian.

Descriptions of Your Seven Workshops:

1) RHYTHMS OF FEATHER AND SMOKE~ Spiritual Self-Care for Sensitive People

Do your dreams and intuition guide you?

Do “inanimate” objects (such as rocks and wind and trees) share their energy with you?

Do you have a special affinity with animals?

Do you feel peace in Nature, and do you feel called to spend more time in Nature?

Do you know in your heart that the world is alive and we are a part of It?

Yes? You are a member of the diverse and beautiful new Animistic tribes of Earth. Welcome Home!

As a “Sensitive” it can be hard to live in this world. Quynn wrote a book called “Rhythms of Feather and Smoke” for those who sense the challenges in the world and can feel overwhelmed or doubt themselves.  Is this you?  If you are sensitive, then you have gifts that are very useful and important.  Learning how to take care of yourself in order to not be overwhelmed is very important!


This is a common question that many people ask as they are getting to know their Spirit Helpers.  Guides come in many, many forms and it can be confusing to try to understand what is being shared with you.

This workshop will use guided meditation and the shamanic journey to help you go within and gain clarity in your knowing of your Spirit Guides (maybe there is One right now who wants your attention) and how you can help each other.

Learn how to maneuver more effectively within your Inner Wilderness, Ask Questions and Interpret Answers and most importantly, how to LISTEN with your whole spirit to what your guides are trying to tell you.  You will gain clarity and helpful information about your inner guidance.


As we learn to understand Personal POWER in our lives, we can ask our Inner Helpers about the issues of Building, Focusing, Protecting and Shedding Personal Power.

There are many forms of POWER and they all apply to each of us.


The ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality:

The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of Self, others or the course of events:

Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone:


Supply (a device) with energy:

Move or travel with great speed or force:

This circle focuses on the maintenance of your personal POWER-

-Find energy leaks/holes

-Strengthen your center so you will be able to more effectively flow with your personal energy, as well as with other energies.

-Ask your Spirit Guides to show you ways to increase your ability to have “POWER With”, and not be as negatively influenced by “POWER Over”, situations.

-“POWER” can be accumulated in excess…when is it time to shed, or lay down your need for, POWER?  

Ask your guides what is needed most right now. We will listen within for two drum journeys, and one group rhythm.

4) Voices in the Head- Understanding Inner Voices

Everyone has voices in their head.  The culture we live in says that if people hear voices they are crazy, or influenced by an evil entity.  However, this is not necessarily true.  We are transmitters, and receivers, of energy.  This energy often manifests itself to us as feelings and thoughts that can manifest as ‘voices’.  When we hear or feel thoughts in our heads, who’s are they? Many grow up assuming that they are all clumped together into ‘ME’, or that any voices are ‘bad’, but there are many forms of thought/feelings/voices and the conversation is always going on within us. Personality, memory, absorbed attitudes and beliefs of loved ones and culture. Also present, yet very often not understood, are those ‘voices’ of our guides, ancestors, and benevolent spirits.  For those who are sensitive, these voices are heard often, yet many people are not trained to listen to them intently and discern who are helpful, and who are bullies that need to be dealt with in a compassionate and appropriate manner.

After an introduction to the subject, Quynn Red Mountain will guide with her voice and drumbeats, to create the space where you can listen within for who is speaking to you, sharing feelings with you, and sending you thoughts, images and impressions.  With the beats of a drum, and with intention and trusted focus, you can gain consensus with those in your head, so you all can work together for your highest good.

5) Healing your YOUNGER YOUs- A Soul Retrieval Workshop

Consider this a healing workshop where you are able to engage in sacred time traveling.  You will be guided to recruit Spirit Allies and Healers to help you understand where Soul Loss happened, thereby helping younger selves come Home to you Now.  Each Younger You that is unresolved, shut down or scared affects you NOW!  With the help of your Spirit Guides you are strong enough today to use the shamanic journey to travel back into various time loops (quynn will describe this more in the workshop) and help your younger self 10, 20, 40 years ago. It is possible!  When you are able to help him or her, you help yourself live more fully as your authentic self. Your Spirit Guides are waiting to help you do this.  There are Allies from the Spirit World who are perfect for this job. Call upon them and they will come.  Quynn will be your human guide.

This workshop is open to people with all levels of shamanic journeying abilities.  You will receive something personal that will be helpful to you on your path right now.  Quynn will guide you on a meditation , and then she will drum for you to journey within. She will hold space and offer guidance for the best possible scenario to unfold for you.

6) HEALING ACHILLES- A Workshop for Strengthening Vulnerabilities

The story of Achilles tells about the vulnerable area of his magical body armor. His name can be analyzed as a combination of ἄχος (akhos) “grief” and λαός (Laos) “a people, tribe, nation, etc.” In other words, Achilles is an embodiment of the grief of the people.

Often the Achilles story is told to describe a person’s vulnerable areas in mind, body and or spirit. This workshop uses divination, the shamanic journey and sharing to assist each participant to explore areas of self-doubt, grief and anxiety that get in the way of you being all you can be.

Examples of areas covered (chosen by divination by each participant) are Body Image issues, Self Love and Partnership, Craving/Addiction, Anger, Grief, Internal Dialog (inner bullies, critic etc) and Confidence. These and other subjects can affect individuals, as well as families, tribes and nations.

If you are interested in looking at any area that you feel is holding you back, through the lens of your shamanic and healing self, join Quynn for this workshop. These deep and intense subjects will be tended to by your guides, cared for with confidentiality, and handled with a good dose of irreverence. :)

7) The Power of “Spelling”­ and “Cursing”

A Spell= A spell is a set of words spoken or written, considered by its user to invoke some magical effect.  Words matter, and words strung together in an intentional way can, and do, shape reality.  The words you speak, think, believe, invoke, cast and pray, DO MATTER.

You will use the shamanic journey to understand the spells (‘good’ and ‘bad’) you cast in your life, spells that have been thrust upon you, as well as the spells that you have come to believe.

Curse… To pray against, to wish misfortune against a person, place or thing… to curse.

Another layer of Spelling is about “curses”.  

Curses form a lasting attachment to a specific person, family, object, or location, and alter its reality or internal or external perception in some way.

Learn to see any curses that were cast by/cast upon your ancestors (sometimes called “generational curses” ) and do what can be done to unravel, break or dissolve it.

We will also practice casting spells for the highest benefit, including yours.

We will go on two shamanic journeys, with Quynn drumming for you so you can get your own answers.

Over 7 hours of instruction for only $39

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a blue download link to the 454 mb zipped file.  Audio files are mp3s.

You can journey again and again. You can listen over and over. Your journal writings will stay with you forever. The teachings, assistance and healing you receive will change you. Blessings for your journey.

1) You must be able to download zip files
2) You must be able to play the downloaded audio files on your device of choice (headphones recommended)
3) You must be able to read the .pdf chapters on your device

Due to the fact that the downloads are sent to you upon purchase, All sales are final. No refunds given due to System Requirement issues.

PLEASE NOTE: Quynn is not a licensed counselor or therapist, and her workshops and courses should not replace professional mental, emotional or physical attention.

q desert 5If you feel a personal session with Quynn would be helpful in understanding or incorporating thoughts and/or feelings that arise during any of these Courses, find out more information HERE.