Your Shamanic Tools E Course

Your Healing Tools

Divination. Intuition. Dreams. Spirit Flight. Breath. Drumming. Protection. Clearing. Prosperity.

If you are interested in, and called to, a spiritual path, you can utilize these shamanic tools to explore your natural healing, self-care and intuitive abilities.

This multimedia Course was recorded by Quynn over a year’s time and she chose topics that she feels are essential ingredients to living a centered and magical life.  Each segment, in Quynn’s words, and with Quynn’s drum and rattle, guides you within yourself to connect with your innate gifts for yourself and those around you. Through these practices, your Spirit Guardians bring  messages and assistance you need right now.

Enchanted Map cards by C. Baron-Reid

Included in this Course:

~An introductory PDF with Journey Prompts and Journal Ideas

~A twelve minute welcome audio with Quynn, recorded just for this course- Includes introductory information about Creating Sacred Space, Honoring your Personal “ways”, and How to Enhance your Practice (mp3 download)

~A Drum Track for Shamanic Journeys (8 minutes long)- Drummed by Quynn, with a short verbal intro-Use it again and again to hone your skills (mp3 download)

~Three Audio workshops (45-75 minutes each) about cornerstones of shamanic practice (mp3 downloads-see below)

~Six Shamanic Journeys (10-20 minutes each) about important subjects for enhancing your shamanic skills (mp3 downloads-see below)  Each journey includes a verbal introduction by Quynn, and then approximately 10 minutes of shamanic drumming

~One Video Segment (26 minutes) with Quynn called “Dreams as Teachers” (mp4 download)

~ Journal Ideas and Prompts for the deepening of your Experience-Writing becomes another Spirit Helper

Over 5 hours of instruction for only $33
Your files can be downloaded from a zip file, the blue link will be in your e-receipt


Descriptions of Your Three Workshops

Intuition and Dreams

Our Intuition and Dreams are powerful tools, given to us at birth.  To be open to these messages in our waking and sleeping state helps us feel connected to, and confident in, the synchronistic flow of Life.

This introductory workshop draws on your natural abilities to dream and experience your intuition in a meaningful way.  Techniques for dream recall and intuition enhancement will be shared. There will be two shamanic journeys/drum meditations, drummed by Quynn, to help you call upon and recognize Spirit Guides who are ready to help you enhance your natural intuitive and dreaming abilities.

The drumbeat will help you see into yourself in new ways, and bring you messages that you need right now.

The Healing Power of the Spirit World Journey

The ancient combination of consistent rhythm, a focused intention and a sense of expectancy has always aided humans in connecting with our inner worlds and the natural world around us. Every human has such abilities, and with encouragement, and a bit of instruction, it is amazing what can come forth for the journeyer! Your guides can appear in many forms, and speak to you in many ways.

Join Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and founder of The Institute for the Shamanic Arts, for this opportunity for shamanic journeying, divination and sharing our collective wisdom. We all learn from each other, and yet each person’s experience is their own. This workshop is perfect for those who are ready to have a shamanic journeying experience, even if it is for the first time (with Quynn, or at all). All of us have experience with dreams, altered states and meditation. The shamanic journey has its unique way of accessing helpful information, so come play in a safe circle, with no dogma, yet many fascinating tales!

I Divine-Divination Skills

Divination comes in many forms, and is present all over the world.  Reading the synchronistic messages around us has always been in shamanic/nature cultures, which means this practice is in your ancestral past.

People consult with a divination tool (cards, stones etc) for answers they cannot find with their logical minds.  This workshop will focus on the practice of divination, rather than one particular deck or system. Find out more about elements of divining for yourself and loved ones. Practice the art of posing the questions and interpreting the answers. Meet a divination spirit guide during a shamanic journey.

Trusting your intuition is essential, and divination can lead to illuminating revelations that you need right now.   This circle will help you expand your abilities and help you listen to your intuition more effectively.

Subjects of Six Shamanic Journeys:

Honoring the Drum

The drum is the power of the Shamanic Journey and Trance. Connect with the drumbeats and it will take you many places.

Spirit Flight

Our Spirit flies when we enter a trance (drum, rattle, rhythm, dance). Learn this skill and find your wings!


To be protected is to know how to stay safe and when to call upon one’s protective Guides and Ancestors.

The Power of Clearing

We pick up energies from others every day.  Explore your powers to clear away energies that are not helpful to you.

Connecting with Your Sacred Breath

Your Breath is a portal to feeling grounded, clear and focused. When stress increases, your breath is your special friend.

Natural Prosperity

“Prosperity” is to have your needs cared for, so it is natural to deeply honor the beautiful prosperity in your Spirit.


You have abilities that have been yours since the beginning. The beginning of your personal life, and your ancestral life. Know that your helpers, ancestors and guides WANT to help you feel centered and be connected to them and their guidance. The more that you ask them for their wisdom, the more clearly they can speak to you. This in itself is an ancient ability.

Your Guide is Quynn Red Mountain:

Quynn was taught by her Spirit Guides how to journey and connect within, and now she helps others connect with their Spirit World in their unique way.