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q desert 11Explore your Inner World with Quynn as your guide…

Join Quynn Red Mountain for her pre-recorded workshops, created over the years to help you dive more deeply into your inner world for the guidance you need.  Quynn has been offering workshops and healing circles in person since 1999, and she is now thrilled that the current technology allows anyone to connect within, explore your inner worlds, and heal that which holds you back from feeling whole!

You can listen when you have the time and energy to explore the subject presented.  At home, outside, anywhere that provides a safe and quiet place for you to go within.  It is not recommended to listen while driving!

PLEASE NOTE: Quynn is not a licensed counselor or therapist, and her workshops should not replace professional mental, emotional or physical attention.


What to Expect from these Workshops

Each workshop is between 30 and 75 minutes long.  We begin with an introduction to the subject of the day.  In addition to helpful information shared about the subject, there are either one or two journeys with Quynn (each workshop description indicates the content), and sometimes she includes rattle, singing bowl and/or bell.   Some workshops include a guided meditation.   The consistent beats part the veil between the daily and dreaming parts of our mind, opening a portal to an inner landscape that is always there for you.  While “there”, you can ask for information and guidance from Spirit Guides about your question or intention.  Quynn’s focus in these workshops is to provide ideas and intentions that you can use to open conversation with your inner world.  The content of the conversation is unique to each person.
The purpose of these workshops is to help each journeyer connect with their inner world, in their own unique way, for guidance , healing and information needed most at the time.  The information that is shared in the workshop can be used for multiple journeys later, as well as journal writing sessions about the subject presented.
These are experiential workshops that are best utilized when listened to at one time, so try to set aside the allotted time to relax , listen and journey.  Some are designed for journeying beginners, while others assume that you have journeyed before.  Look at the Online Learning page for journeying advice and audio tips.

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Please note that these workshops were recorded in different places, with different drums over a period of years. While there may be some variation in sound, once you settle in to the experience, you get used to each one.

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