Urban Animism Personal Sovereignty Training- Rites of Passage and Ancestral Healing for DNA Warriors

This New 6 month Training begins May 3, 2020

By being Here Now, YOU are a DNA Healing Warrior.

Our Personal Sovereignty Supports our Remembering.
Sovereignty is the full right and power to govern oneself without any interference from outside sources or bodies.  Remembering how to be “sovereign” allows us to be in relationship with our Animist ancestors.

The time is Now to heal, and we are here together to heal ourselves by tending our ancestors in a way that they have not been tended in much too long.  Urban Animism is accessible to all who feel connected to the Web of Life in its infinite expressions of beauty, and who live in modern times with colonized minds and tech-ed brains. Remember how to stand in your Truth and Free your Ancestors from the bonds of untended Trauma. In order to move through this troublesome era and create/remember our path forward as participants in the Sacred Web of Life, we must do this work.


Greetings friends, Quynn here. The name “DNA Warriors” and outline for this series came to me over a decade ago, but I felt it was “too intense” for folks back then. Now we are ready for Urban Animism. It is time to become DNA Warriors.

This 6 month series takes you through biweekly personal rites of passage, honored by journeying, journaling and ceremony, so you can clearly feel where your ancestral traumas are buried, and gain tools for unearthing and healing them over time.

On the first Sunday of the month 5-7pm MST we meet for 2 hours live online/in Tucson.During our time together, we explore the subjects of the month, and journey together to Quynn’s drum. This meeting is recorded for those who cannot attend live.

On the third Sunday of these months, you will receive a link to a 1 hour audio session (stored in Google Drive for listen/download). You are welcome to listen and explore your experiences at your convenience. During each session Quynn shares an introduction to the subject of the current subject, and then two drum journeys to connect with guidance from, and connection with, one’s inner world. It is important to journal your experiences, to help you remember. We can discuss the explorations in our live monthly meetings.

Also included:

Quynn’s e-course Restoring your Animist Ancestry-Soul Healing for Self and Lineage (over 6 hours of audio coursework and journeys) for deepened access to soul restoration journeys and exercises. ($39 value)

– Once a month Quynn will host a 30 minute private zoom meeting for participants to share their process, ask questions and get feedback from Quynn. Recording will be shared with those not attending live. Dates TBA

-Option for up to five 45 minute personal consultations with Quynn during the 6 month period of the training-at the price of $30 each. Offered in person, or by phone or zoom.us

-Monthly guidance regarding altar craft and ceremony creation for your personal and ancestral healing needs.

-Sharing in a private FB group, with feedback from Quynn

Together, will dive into the following areas of exploration:

Welcome Home to Full Circle Animism-Accepting the Role of DNA Healing Warrior

The difficult journey of tending ancestral soul wounds is for those with clarity of mind, courage of heart and a strong spirit. Step into the sacred circle to establish and strengthen your relationship with Kin who are not embodied at this time.

Earth and Spirit Kin-Calling your Healing Circle

Call a Spirit circle of your Earth helpers in bodies other than Humans, and Human Ancestors, who need your care, and want to help you. Ask for non-physical allies to become part of your sacred “We” for your emergence into the sacred Web of Life.

Backyard Magic

“Nature” is not “out there”, it is All and Everywhere. Honor your connections on your daily paths that are besides the road yet between the worlds. Notice the ways in which you have been trained to feel separate from the Web of Life.

Reclaiming your “Last Ones”

Reconnect with your last Animist Ancestors in various branches of your family tree to strengthen your current and future lineage of healing

Inner Child Rescue

Your inner children, and your Ancestors as children, are not “dead and gone”, they live through you, and they are waiting to be rescued from memory “time loops”. You have many Kin to help you do this sacred work, and your ancestors need tending


Our personal and ancestral responses to trauma are passed to us through the generations. Explore the ways in which these understandable responses have imprinted your view of the world

Healing my Rejected, Betrayed Heart

Being treated as “crazy” and “bad” imprints Betrayal and Rejection in one’s cells. Ask your ancestors for remedies that can help soothe and heal your ancestral heart

Facing our Inner Colonizers

Look closely to see systems of oppression that we still see as “the way things are”, “truth” and “reality”.  Work with ancestors and guides to gain strength to expel these oppressors from your mind.

Not a Conquered People

Gather all your ancestral victims of “Convert or Die” invaders to create a New Tribe Folk Soul for these times and beyond

Hurt the Land, Hurt the Soul. Heal the Land, Heal the Soul.

Where do you live and what is your relationship to the land, the Human Peoples and the non-Human Peoples there? In what ways are you unconscious about your dependency on “the land”, and how can you advocate for, and offer love to, the land to create more harmony?

Body My Temple

All Humans have Bodies. These bodies have lived through so much. How do you feel balance in your Body? Gently witness your personal embodied imbalances. In what ways does your Body hold your ancestral traumas, and successes? Your Body is your ancestral Temple…What does it want you to know?

Remembering “Real” through Making Offerings and Sharing Gratitude

Your Animist ancestors are waiting to help you remember how to be an authentic Earth honoring Human Being. Our existence in the physical world and our connections in the spirit world are gifts of this Life so there are many opportunities to give back. Practice ways to express gratitude in big and small ways to those with whom we share this beautiful planet.
May we remember.

This series is for all people. Wherever your ancestors are from, they have untended traumas that live in your body. You are welcome here.

Cost:$180-$360 (sliding scale based on income)

Quynn understands the necessity for affordable healing tools and programs for the majority of people seeking healing. Quynn has been blessed to receive affordable healing assistance, and so she pays it forward with this series, among others. This training is not offered as Therapy, it is Personal Sovereignty Training, and it is an incredibly affordable way to work on the issues that need to be tended at this time in your life.

Also important- If you look at the requested donation for this series and think “What a great deal!”, then please donate an amount at the upper end. This supports people’s participation who are experiencing limited funds.


If you feel that you need this training, yet the monthly option is too much for you, reach out to Quynn (through contact page) and share your needs and what you can offer.

Your host and guide is Quynn Red Mountain. Quynn has spent 30 years tending her personal and ancestral traumas and has helped others heal theirs for the last 20 years.

This training was created by Quynn Red Mountain and is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church.