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Healing, Inner Calm, Clearing, Protection, Spirit Traveling, Wellness, Recovery, Animist Homecoming, Nature and Mindfulness?

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Wisdom Within is a dynamic and supportive monthly multimedia
premium subscription with your host Quynn Red Mountain

Your Inner Wisdom is Waiting… Let me guide you in..

Listen Within for Personal Revelation, Soul Restoration and Slow Healing Guidance with Quynn’s experience, guided meditation and rhythmic soundscapes.

The following inner exploration segments have been chosen to be included in this subscription because these issues show up again and again in circles over the last 20 years. 

“In each segment I share my intuition and in the moment thoughts, feelings and research about the subject. A guided meditation and rhythmic drum journey creates a relaxing shift in your mindstate to encourage relaxation and insight. The recording of voice and rhythm is clear so your natural guidance system can bring you helpful messages and a greater sense of well being in your life. I created this subscription as a heartfelt offering to assist in the healing, restoring and supporting Earth honoring People at this time. It is an honor for me to hold space for you in this way!” Quynn

This offering is an amazingly affordable way to stay connected with your Sacred and Healing Self, throughout the month, in small doses, on your schedule.

For only $25 a month*, subscribers receive 20 15-20 minute segments a month for One Year.

*when paid for one year

Wisdom Within Wellness Subjects each Month

-Clearing Circle for Caregivers and Empaths                

-Healing Journeys for Pain                                         

-Understanding the Spirits of your Sickness & Wellness 

-Visions, Voices, Visitations, NDEs                              

-Full Gender Spectrum- LGBTQ Animist Spirit Circle      

-Earth Prayers for Animists                                              

-Healing Circle with OOlah                                               

-Circle of Protection and Clearing                                   

-Animal Messages for Mindfulness and Healing              

-Ancestral Healing Circle-Dispelling Colonized Mind        

-Healing Journeys for Transforming PTSD

-Healing the Spirits of Addiction                                    

-Younger Self Empowerment Circle

-Circle of Grief

-Goddess Blessings

-Past Lives and Ancestral DNA Memories          

-Sacred Sensual Centered Body                           

-Defenders and Warriors Honoring Circle

-Dream and Dimensional Travelers          

-We are Here Together-Star Kin Downloads     

Also Included:

-Empath Skill Building Monthly Circle
A once a month hour long circle for Empaths and the highly Sensitive.

Cannabis Journeys-MMJ Monthly Support Circle 
A once a month circle for those who commune with Cannabis for medicinal and spiritual reasons.

-Raven’s Circle Moon Club

Each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 with Quynn’s thoughts, prayerful intention and self-reflective experiences (drum/rattle journeys and/or guided meditation) regarding the inner and outer cycles of the moment.  Learn more Here.

-Learn to Journey-Workshop Package

Whether you are new to “journeying” or have not yet journeyed with Quynn, these 4 introductory audio workshops will describe the terrain, offer journeying intention ideas, and guide you in a gentle way as you learn to navigate your Spirit World and Soul. Over 4 hours of journeying instruction!

  1. Intro to Journeying 1 hr 16 minutes
  2. Spirit Flight Journey Circle 48 minutes
  3. Tips for Traveling 57 minutes
  4. “We” Spiritual Support Circle 45 minutes

Included content for one year is valued at $850 when purchased separately

Wisdom Within Subscription is only $30 a month (with commitment of 12 months)

or get two months free when you make a one time donation of $300 for a year.

With each subscription we offer a full scholarship to someone who needs this work, yet who is honestly in financial need. Thank you for your generosity!

Delivery is through a private Google Drive folder. To participate you must be able to access Google Drive and play the audio files on a device, preferably with headphones/earbuds-

Your donations directly support Web of Life Animist church and all the community support circles, programs, trainings and sessions that we offer in Tucson and beyond.   

Monthly Download Descriptions:

Dream and Dimensional Travelers 
This circle is for those who dream, who travel through time and space in dreams, and who have had dreams bring powerful teachings.
Do you have a recurring dream?
Do you remember a childhood dream?
Has a dream stuck with you?
Do you want to enhance your ability to dream well?

Our Dreams are powerful tools, a gift to us before birth into this world. They are a portal between worlds. To be open to the messages shared in our waking and sleeping states helps us feel connected to, and confident in, the synchronistic flow of Life. If you have nightmares, you are able to approach the dream in our journey to learn more about its message, and to transform the feelings around it.

Circle of Clearing and Protection Quynn leads a guided meditation and drum journey for clearing and protection in one’s life and in one’s physical space. Sensitive People often and regularly feel energies that are not helpful around and within. Clear away what is not helpful and more strongly protect what is important.

This is a time to look to your Spirit Guides for assistance in feeling cleared and Protected while being centered in the world. Your inner Protector is a powerful helper, and can help you reclaim and strengthen your personal power.

Full Gender Spectrum-LGBTQ Animist Spirit Circle
This safe circle is open to anyone who is LGBTQ, in between (or beyond) the gender binary and who feel have, or may have, an Animist Spirit. All bodies are welcome.
-Gain Helpful Allies in the living world around and within
-Feel centered in being a Queer Animist
-Activate and Strengthening One’s Intuitive Abilities
-Tend past and current soul wounds
-Receive Spirit World teachings regarding One’s purpose

Visions, Voices, Visitations and NDE
This support circle for those who are having, or have had, visionary experiences, visitations from nonphysical beings, a “felt sense” beyond the 5 accepted senses, or hearing voices. We approach these experiences from an Animist view. This is not a preaching or teaching circle.

Humans have experiences that regular culture cannot explain, and often we cannot explain them with our rational mind. For many, these experiences are deemed negative, weird, and/or crazy, which leads the person having them to feel fear and self-doubt, which feeds the negative interactions.

Quynn will share rhythmic storytelling, drumming, and an energy body clearing exercise to receive messages and guidance that can help you clear and balance your mind, emotions and spirit in the moment. 

Healing Journeys for Transforming PTSD

This circle is for those who have PTSD and want to approach it in a gentle and heartfelt way. Our intention is to open a safe circle in our physical space and call upon an ally who can be helpful in one’s healing journey at this time.

Quynn will offer a sound clearing with the vibrations of a crystal singing bowl, and then drum for you, to safely access your inner wisdom. This process helps you be open to guidance and helpful messages regarding the Spirit of PTSD in your body, mind and spirit. Journeying experience is not necessary, but an open mind is required.

Healing Journeys for Pain
This circle is for those who experience PAIN. Our intention is to open a safe circle in our physical space (and for those listening through zoom.us). Quynn will offer a clearing attunement with the vibrations of a crystal singing bowl, and then drum for you, to open our inner portal to be open for guidance and helpful messages regarding the pain that we feel in our body, mind and spirit. Journeying experience is not necessary, but an open mind is required.

Animal Messages for Mindfulness and Healing

Our animal kin are always in the moment. We have much to learn from their ways of existence so in this circle we will listen and feel these messages. Divination, Guided Meditation and Drum Journey are our tools for insight and reflection. 

This monthly circle offers an opportunity to connect with ancestral issues, beliefs, behaviors and traumas passed down through the generations. We all have Animist (Earth honoring ) Ancestors who want to help us dispell unhelpful beliefs that have been internalized in our bodies, minds, families and communities.

With the aid of Fire, Water, guided imagery and rhythmic sound, we will sit with our allies, in support of the healing of our ancestral lineage.

Earth Prayers for Animists

The Earth is our Body. Our body is the Earth. We are here as Earth Keepers so this circle is for our Earth, and we are able to receive benefit as well. Our kind energy is gentled as we soften in the understanding that we are all together here, and our intention and action is needed. 

This circle offers guided meditation and drumbeats so you can relax and connect with the Web of Life in a protective and reciprocal way. 

Understanding the “Spirits” of  Sickness and Wellness

This circle is open to those who are experiencing, or who have experienced, a Calling of the Spirit of Sickness in their life and/or who are ready to feed their Spirit of Wellness. 

When a person is affected by some form of “sickness”, many emotions emerge. Anger, Denial, Fear and Worry can become a powerful presence in one’s life. A lack of power often results. When one is called, or caught, (depending on one’s view) by a profound and life affecting energy that we call “dis-ease” (either chronic or acute), we most likely think of it as an enemy to fight, or a teacher to learn from. Healing takes many forms and this circle is an opportunity to use shamanic tools to listen to the Spirits of Sickness that may be within, rather than deny or fight it.

What happens when we listen to what the “Sickness Spirit” wants from us? What does it look like, feel like, sound like in our imaginative dreaming mind? How can we encourage our Wellness? In the safe space of the Circle, and to the rhythmic beats of the drum and rattle, we will create a safety zone within where we can feel centered to approach the subject of the “Sickness” within. Your Spirit of Wellness is waiting to help.

OOlah-One Who Balances-Soul Tending Circle

Quynn’s name for her role is OOlah-One Who Balances, given to her by her Spirit Guides. 

We all need healing. Tending personal and ancestral soul wounds takes time, and the healing process comes in big and small pieces. This circle is offered as an opportunity to tune in to your healing of body, mind and spirit. Through divination, intention and a guided meditation for a healing helper, helpful messages can come through when you need it most, NOW.

Clearing Circle for Caregivers and Empaths

When we assist others, we engage, even take on, their energies. This circle focuses on clearing and protection for those who help and care for others.

Using rhythm, guided meditation and clearing/protection practices, shed what is not YOU, and clear what is…so you can keep being a Tender of Souls.

Healing the Spirits of Addiction

The focus of this circle is to learn more about the Spirit(s) that feed one’s addiction and learn helpful ways to deal with it/them.

We approach this subject from an Animist perspective. All is connected and we are a sacred thread in the Web of Life.

A clearing and blessing will begin our circle. Quynn will then share a guided meditation for you to relax and listen within, and offer a drum journey for you, to safely access your inner wisdom. The journeying process helps you be open to guidance and helpful messages regarding the Spirit of addiction and trauma in your body, mind and spirit. 

Exploring Many Lives and Ancestral DNA Memories

Your inner worlds are infinite and your genetic memory is long. Thanks to our understanding of what scientists call DNA, we have a way, a ladder, a twisting, spiraling life rope to travel with the rhythm. Each step, each rung, each drumbeat, takes you where you need to go.

Many people feel that past life experiences influence their current life, in known and unknown ways. Getting to the root of a current issue/block/behavior (as well as your sacred ability/calling) might involve connecting with an experience, or series of experiences, from the time before you were born here. 

This circle will guide us just where we need to go. It doesn’t necessarily matter how strongly you believe in “past lives”, because seeking the root story about an issue is always helpful, even if you cannot prove that it is “true”. Join us for this time traveling adventure of healing and activation!

We are Here Together-Star Kin Downloads

We now, as modern Humans, are at the edge of our latest evolution, when we come to fully understand, and remember, that we are not the only sentient “life” around us and that “our” version of “reality” is not the only one.

Whether you use the words ETs, Star People, Ascended Masters, Alternate Realities, or Dream Teachers, know that we are being observed and influenced by “others”, and when we are ready, creative communication begins. We Humans are being asked to be open to connecting with energies from the “Stars” and beyond/within this dimension.

A message that came through to Quynn was “You need help. We want to help you, but you must be open, direct your energy, and ask. We love you so. We are one.”

With intention, an open heart and rhythm, we will safely open a circle so we can be ready to receive helpful messages from within and beyond us. 

Sacred Sensual Centered Healing Body

It is said that we are a spiritual being in a physical body. Our bodies hold the experiences of our past, past lives and ancestral experiences in our cells and our chemistry. Our “sensuality” can be described as feeling at home in our embodiment. What is blocking this feeling of being at home in your body? This circle is an opportunity to seek guidance, safety and healing from energies that are for your highest good. 

Defenders and Warriors Honoring Circle

We are here at this time as sacred defenders and warriors. Many of our ancestors have been Defenders and Warriors for families, communities and countries. As warriors we need clearing, and support. Some of our ancestors have not received the honoring they deserved. This circle is offered as an opportunity to ask for communion with, and guidance from, ancestors who were defenders and warriors in their time and place. We create a circle of honor to help each other.

Younger Self Empowerment Circle

We can provide our younger selves the empowerment they need to be strong! We have all experienced troubling, challenging and traumatic times during childhood and all phases of adulthood,. The common belief is that those parts of us are dead and gone into the “past”. This is not the case. Our child selves are alive and speaking to us through our bodies, minds, emotions, and our reactions to current life experience. If you feel that a child self is hurting and untended, this circle offers an opportunity to connect and listen to the needs of your younger selves. Healing and Peace in the moment can occur when we tend the littles who are still within us. 

Goddess Blessings

The Goddess is embodied in all Human cultures, for all seasons. We each have ancestral and personal relationships with ancient and wise Goddesses. This circle will ask us to be open to messages from the Goddess(es) that want our attention now…for our highest good…for our health and well being. What do they want to tell us? An introduction to a few cultural Goddesses related to the time of year, a guided meditation and drum journey will help us listen to the wisdom of the Divine Feminine for what is most needed NOW.

Animist Circle for Grief

Grief* is a crushing, yet apparently necessary, part of being Human. We feel grief in our personal lives, in our families, communities, nations and on a planetary level. I use the word “crushing” because there is a transformative quality to Grief, and if we can consciously travel through it, however long it takes, we can find our way to the other side where we are changed forever. It is possible to find Beauty in the land of Grief.

*Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion for people of all nations and cultures, when we experience deep loss. All Humans experience Grief from death of someone we love, sickness/injury/ terminal diagnosis in self or loved one, as well as cultural or natural disaster and trauma of war. Animists also grieve in response to pain, death and extinction of animals, plants and trees. Also pervasive is Eco-grief due to global climate change and potential mass extinction.

This circle holds space for the Spirits of Grief, and the Humans who carry them. Through the calming breath and guided meditation you can be present with both Grief, as well as Beauty, in your inner sanctuary. Your Spirit of Beauty can hold space for you as you sit with Grief. We will open the circle with a prayer of gratitude, and close with a blessing of beauty.