Building your Spirit Bridge 8 week online series

To enhance our intuitive life abilities, it is helpful to consciously build our Spirit Bridge (Power) between our Soul and our Body, as well as between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds with tools and practices that are life affirming. This series guides you to build your inner Spirit Bridge in your own way. Sliding scale available.

Minimum price: $6.00 every week for 8 weeks

Strengthen your Spirit-given intuitive life abilities ( Chi, Windhorse or Power) in a culture wounded by colonization and patriarchy, by rebuilding your sacred bridge between your Soul and Body. This personal and ancestral bridge (sometimes called a portal, gateway or threshold) also connects us to Places and Beings of Power in the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. In this series, learn from your inner teachers how to amplify your authentic Power through deepening your relationship with your personally unique Spirit Bridge. This “bridge” is created by building practices, gathering tools that deepen your awareness of one’s inner and outer worlds.

Building your Spirit Bridge-8 week Series
Tools and Practices for Animist Practitioners and Soulful Seekers

8 Thursdays, March 9- April 27 2023 4:30pm-5:45pm PT ONLINE through zoom

Remember that you are the Spirit Bridge. It is within you and it is your birthright. It may have been broken or forgotten in the past, but it is time to rebuild and remember.

For each of the 8 meetings, we explore the following one of these steps of recognizing and gathering the ingredients needed for building our personal Spirit Bridge. Through shared learning, connected guidance, rhythmic journeying/meditation, and synchronicity we will listen for guidance and insight regarding this sacred task. Building your bridge helps you create personal practices that are Authentic and Power-filled. This series might be helpful to anyone, and it is specifically designed for those who come from a wounded, atrophied or severed connection to their animist ancestry.

Each week we will listen for guidance about these 8 steps for building, and using, your inner Spirit Bridge:





Kinship Circle




So you are more able to build your authentic personal practices, which can include:

Gratitude, Listening, Offerings, Protection, Blessings, Clearings, Connecting with Waters, Fire, Air, Celestials, Stones, Crystals,  Animals, Ancestors, Allies, Oracles, Soils, Ashes, Trees, Plants, Rhythm, Song, Fans, Oils, Baskets, Bags, Bundles, Talismans, Symbols, Marks, Staffs, Wands, Tools, Adornments, Regalia and the Commitments needed to be an honorable Human.

These practices and understandings build your unique Spirit Bridge bit by bit, stone by stone, light wave by light wave. 

Cost/Donation Range (low range is for those with limited finances) for series is $48-$240.
For those who want to donate weekly, ($6-$30 for 8 sessions), contact Quynn.

All experience levels and genders welcome. Scholarships are possible for those with significant illness/challenge and extremely limited income. Reach out through Contact with request.

Attend some, all or no sessions live. Committed participants receive audio recordings of all sessions for listed donation.

Entry link will be sent to all registered participants

Created and Hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, Spirit Bridge Practitioner and founder of Web of Life Animists. This series is a perfect foundation for anyone who wants to train as a Spirit Bridge Practitioner, and/or for personal development.

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