Cannabis Connection Sound Journey Circle

Suggested price: $7.00

Cannabis Connection Sound Journeys holds sacred the plant teacher and the wisdom She brings us. Meditation and a Sound Journey created by Quynn for students and patients in states where Cannabis (CBD and THC) is legal for medical and “recreational” use. New to journeying or Cannabis? Join at 5:20 MST. Ceremony starts at 5:35.  Donation = $3-$19

Minimum price: $4.00

Join Quynn Red Mountain for a monthly circle, on the third Friday of each month at 5:30pm MST.

This monthly online circle is offered to anyone over 21 who has legal access to the medicine of mind, body and spirit, Cannabis (often called Marijuana). This space holds sacred the plant and the wisdom She brings us. This space is not offered to diagnose, treat, or encourage anyone to go beyond their comfort zone.

Cannabis is a powerful spiritual teacher that has been with humanity for thousands of years. Due to the prohibition of this plant for almost 100 years, there have been many unhelpful attitudes professed about “Weed”, and many people have had negative attitudes or experiences about or with Cannabis. While most of us have grown up thinking of “Pot” in relation to “party” or “stoner” culture, few have been inspired to commune in a sacred manner.

This circle has been created to inspire a healthy, care-filled, curious, sacred and healing relationship with the Cannabis Goddess (as Quynn sees her). The “Spirit” of Cannabis is available to help us in many ways, if we ask.

We begin by calling upon the Spirit of Cannabis to be with us as we approach a safe space in our Imagination/Spirit World. We ask for protection and guidance as we enter. The focus of the ceremony can be about anything that is real and needed for you at this time. As you get comfortable in a safe physical place, please be at, or create, an altar space in your own sacred cave for your journey. If you choose to commune with CBD or THC, you can.*

Quynn shares a recorded soundscape journey (including rattle, singing bowl, drumming plus evocative nature sounds) that she created to help you deepen your relationship with your imagination, your inner world and how Cannabis can be helpful for you now. The drumbeats and sounds also become your allies. You are guided back to your body by Quynn’s voice.

There is time for journaling and optional sharing. So much wisdom can be shared between journeyers. We close with grounding and gratitude.

*There is no assumption or necessity for participants to consume THC or CBD during this time together. The Spirit of Cannabis can be called upon at any time, in any state of mind.

How might you benefit from this circle?
  • Learn how to reclaim and explore your Imagination/Spirit World 
  • Expand your abilities to engage with visionary teaching experiences 
  • Tend to, and hold space for, challenging past experiences with gentleness
  • Demystify your intuitive and empath abilities so they can help you
  • Address fear, regret or self doubt with a helpful Ally

This is a BIPOC and LGBTQ supportive space. All bodies and genders are welcome.

This circle is open to people with all level of communing and journeying experience. For beginners, please arrive at 5:20 for a quick intro. The ceremony starts at 5:35pm MST.
We close our circle at 6:45 MST.

This ceremony is hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, Animist Minister, Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner and OOlah (One Who Balances). Pronouns They/She.

Earth Web Media and Quynn Red Mountain understand that Cannabis use for any reason is illegal in federal law. These services are offered for those people who have legally attained Medical Marijuana patient status in their state, or it is legal/decriminalized. Only participate in this ceremony when you are in a safe place where you do not have to drive. Quynn and EWM are not responsible for your actions during or after the offered ceremony. This circle is offered as a public service and is part of Quynn’s ministry.

More general info about Web of Life Church’s Plant Medicine Support can be explored here.

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