DNA Transformers-Altering Ancestral Trances Series

Suggested price: $20.00 / month for 8 months

This series takes you through monthly personal rites of passage to alter the trances of your ancestry. 
Requested Donation = $20-$40 per session (Low income option is available)

Due every month for 8 months

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Join Quynn Red Mountain for this 8 month ONLINE Series
We meet live online once a month on the second Saturdays starting September 11, 2021 to February 12, 2022  10am-12pm Arizona Time

We live the Trances of our Ancestors, until we change them. Our embodied trance can transform inherited trauma and beauty that has lived within us to alter the state of these unhelpful trances.

Legacy Burdens, Multi-Generational Trauma, Ancestral “Troubles”, Inherited “Soul Wounds” both received and inflicted…The pains and “sins” of our ancestors is where we connect. To heal we must look, even when we do not want to do so. We transform our pains by accessing them in our body and soul in safe and supported ways. Discomfort is a part of life and transformation, yet it is worth being willing because there is such beauty within us as well.

This series takes you through monthly personal rites of passage. Drum journeying, shaking/rocking/trancing to rhythmic soundscapes (created by Quynn for this purpose), journaling and personal ceremony, guide you within where transformation is ready to occur.  We call upon, and are called upon, our ancestors for personal and collective healing. 

Each session we will explore one-two of the following subjects that reside in our genetic DNA with the tools of Rhythm, Sound, Intention and Trance. Insights, Images, Visions, Memories and Emotion come through in helpful and meaningful ways when we know how to ask. This series guides and supports the asking for, listening to, and sharing of what comes forth. Journaling and personal ceremony help us process what is transforming.

Subjects Explored:
-Earth and Spirit Kin-Feeling your Healing Circle
-Reclaiming your Animist Ancestor Allies
-Hunger and Sickness imprints
-Inner Child Rescue
-Turning Away and Letting it go
-Reciprocity and Reparations
-Heart Break and Healing
-Real Reasons for Anger and Depression
-Wild and Crazy
-Bringing Light to Secrets
-Pain in Body, Mind and Soul
-Tunnel of “Terrible Things”
-Reclaiming My Body Temple
-Remembering your Kindred
-Sharing and Paying it Forward

Requested Donation = $20-$40 per session (Low Income? Reach out to Quynn to propose an amount-as close as you can to $20)


Halfway through each month Quynn sends journal and journey prompts to each participant  regarding that month’s topics.
All participants also can join Quynn’s private FB group for Q&A and sharing.

DNA Transformers is not therapy. It is offered as a guided and held space to explore some of the stories and lived experiences of our ancestors that live in our bodies with transformative, imaginative tools of the dreaming mind. 


-These meetings are recorded for those who commit to the series yet cannot always attend live.
-To register, Reach out to Quynn through contact page, or you can activate a monthly subscription (for 8 months) for your donation amount at this page. Quynn will reach out with welcome instructions and entry link.

Your host and guide is Quynn Red Mountain. Quynn has spent 30 years tending her personal and ancestral traumas and has helped others heal theirs for the last 20+ years. This series is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media.

Quynn Red Mountain

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