Exploring the Elements of Divination-5 part series

This series encourages you to Feel the Movement of “Divination” in your life, and Learn to Understand how the Living World Speaks to YOU.  5 Meeting Dates 8/28, 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23    Donation: $30-$180 for series (6-$36 per session) for live circles and recordings.

Feel the Movement of “Divination” in your life, and Learn to Understand how the Living World Speaks to YOU

5 Meeting Dates 8/28, 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23

Start time: 4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET for 75-90 minutes.

Subjects addressed:

Aug 28- Exploration of Divination, and Noticing its (and your) Elements

Sept 11- Air Divination/Flying, Falling, Moving, Questioning

Sept 25- Fire Divination/Burning, Melting, Flickering, Transforming

Oct 9- Water Divination/Reflecting, Flowing, Rippling, Feeling

Oct 23- Earth Divination/ Synchronizing, Changing, Patterning, Deciding

Attend one or all. Recordings and shared pdf presentations are available with donation for circle or series. To register, send a message to Quynn to receive the entry link. Donation info is below.

Divination comes in many forms, and is present all over the world. Reading the synchronistic messages around us has always been a part of Animist/Earth honoring cultures, which means this practice is in your ancestral past. We have always lived with the elements, and in an Animistic world this means that the wind, water, fire and various forms of earth can bring us messages when we need them most. Today, we can remember these ancestral and personal ways to read the signs, patterns, and synchronicities in our lives, however the messages come.

While many think of divination when one has spiritual questions, casting a stone or a card can also help us decide “Yes” or “No”, “Now” or “Wait” about extremely practical and essential movements in Life. Trusting your intuition is essential, and divination can lead to illuminating revelations that you need right now. This series will help you expand your abilities and help you listen to your intuition more effectively. You will meet divination helpers during included drum and rhythmic nature soundscape journeys.

People with all levels of experience are welcome. Play with systems, tools and experiences that can help you ponder the situations in your life that are important. Each session will offer practice with your own chosen tools, with prompts related to the element of the month.

Practicing the art of divination will help you become more fluent and confident in your direct connection to your guides and inner guidance.

Donation: $30-$180 for series (6-$36 per session). Low end of the sliding scale is for those with the least income. Participants in other trainings, Reach out to Quynn for discount options.

Weekly Donations can be made by:

Venmo @earthwebmedia

paypal earthtribetv@yahoo.com

donation button at the bottom of this page www.weboflifeanimists.com

Each session is recorded for anyone who cannot attend each meeting.

Your host and guide is Quynn Red Mountain (they/hir). Before any of their Spirit Bridge practitioner training began, she was turned on to divination in her early 20’s. Quynn is happy to share the love of the Divine Nature of asking for, and receiving, guidance and reflection when needed most.

Quynn created this series from her 30 year evolving relationship with various forms of divination, which she has consistently used in her personal and professional life. Quynn has worked with thousands of people over her 20 year role as a Spirit Bridge and Soul Tender. The art of divination is always involved. While Q wants to hold space for people to find their own relationship with the living world, they are not interested in others learning how to divine like hir.

The content of this course is the intellectual property of Quynn Red Mountain and Earth Web Media.

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