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This info focuses on an important area of healing that is commonly called Soul Restoration.

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What parts of you are ready to “come home”?

Soul retrieval is when there is a part of you that has broken off or went to hide during a traumatic event in the past.  It can also be separated in a past life. These parts can, and want to, come back to you when you are ready.
Spirit retrieval is when you have a spirit guide that wants to be with you, yet it is not able to connect with you (a guide from childhood, a guide that feels blocked from you for some past or present reason). 

If you feel there is a lack or block to feeling your full Power…the time is NOW to tend it. No time to wait for a magical healer to fix it. You and your guides know how. Use this workshop to be your own healing facilitator and gather the help you need.

This Free Intro includes:

-10 page PDF of an Audio Workshop Transcript with Introductory information about Quynn’s perspective and understanding of the very important subject of “Soul Restoration”

-A coupon code for 25% off of Healing the Ties that Bind-Soul Restoration Workshop”
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Soul Restoration Healing Course

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