Gender Androgyny and Non-Binary Powers


This introspective circle is for those who feel, and want to access, the parts of themselves who are beyond, or both, masculine and feminine.

This introspective circle offers information about “androgyny”, “gender” and your powers of “in between” within yourself.

The dominant culture has long said one has to be one or the other…however, indigenous cultures all over the world have always had some version of “the third sex” and were often called to the roles of healer, wise one or sage.

The Androgynous/Non-Binary person’s life experience can manifest in many ways, so if you are on a healing path, living a life of self-awareness, and feel called by Spirit to walk between the worlds, there might be an energy inside who wants to “come out” to help bring more balance to your life.

We will experience a drum journey and an introduction to the subject. Beginners welcome!

Quynn is your guide.

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