Guide of Souls-Death Tender Spirit Bridge Training

This 9 month training is for Earth honoring practitioners who tend the Soul’s transition after physical death. Offered by sliding scale of $50-$200 a month.

Minimum price: $50.00 every month for 9 months

Guide of Souls-Death Tender Spirit Bridge* Training

9 month ONLINE group training program for Guide of Souls Credential

Dates: TBA

*In the Web of Life Tradition of Full Circle Animism, we call our healers who balance between the physical and non-physical worlds for the good of others, Spirit Bridges ( similar to what is often called “Shamanic Practitioners” in other spiritual circles). This name describes the role of Spirit Bridge in one’s community.  Spirit Bridge Practitioners utilize the skillful practices of “Journeying” within and “Tuning In” to Ancestors and Allies through trance, rhythmic sound and intention, for beneficial information, needed messages and helpful actions on behalf of self, and members of their community.

Some aspects of Life can only be addressed at the threshold of Death.
Whether One goes through, or not, One is Changed.

A Guide of Souls or Death Tender Spirit Bridge Practitioner is one with the honed skill set described above, who uses these abilities on behalf of those who are in an era of facing death in their life, in the process of active dying, and/or assistance for those who’s Soul is trying to find their way after/in between physical life. 

Our Death Transition Spirit Bridge Practitioner Training explores:
~Tending the Deaths during Life and the needs of the Spirit/Soul of the Human during the final death transition
~Assisting the smooth passage of One’s Soul when death comes
~Decifering what is needed when untended trauma, regret, confusion or denial obstructs Soul Flow during active dying
~Calling upon psychopomp allies, guardians and ancestors to Guide One’s Soul where it needs to be
~Activating personal protection and maintaining life affirming boundaries


1) Our relationship with our own death and of those we love
2) Cultivating Deathwalker Allies, Guardians and Protectors
3) Processes of Engagement and Boundaries for death work
4) Mediumship=Receiving messages from beyond
5) Tending Life Deaths (NDE, Threshold experiences, Significant Loss)
6) Connecting between the “Living” and the “Dead” when closure is needed
7) Activating Proper Allies during Active Transition/Dying (with and without advanced knowledge of coming death)
8) Smoothing the Flow of Soul transition as a “Guide of Souls”
9) Client and SB relevant Ceremonies pre/during/post departure, Songs and Regalia
10) Mental, Emotional and Legal preparation for and after death

The sliding scale for this training is: $450-$1800, depending on your financial situation. ($50-$200 a month for 9 months). Partial scholarships are available for those who quality with low income. 

If you have completed the Spirit Bridge Year Two Program (or equivalent training*) and would like to apply to participate, reach out to Quynn with your interest and experience.

This series is a vocational development course. *Equivalent training= Intermediate or more of “shamanic”/psychic/channeling practitioner course or study, so you feel confident to “journey”/tune in on someone else’s behalf.

Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, founder of Web of Life Animists, who began spontaneously journeying in 1996 (taught by a Dream Teacher), and has been holding space for others’ journeys since 1999.   To find out more about Quynn go to  

Image description: Quynn standing in the sunset light against a rock wall, holding their drum. Feathers in Quynn’s headpiece are Goose, Turkey, Duck and Pheasant.

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