Nature as Teacher-28 Day Animist Course


28 lessons to inspire you to connect and Honor your Nature Teachers where you live. Quynn shares her Nature Teachers.

This course honors the Spirits of the Lands of what is now called “North America”, and the First Nations of these lands.
A portion of all proceeds from this course is donated to Native American Rights Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council

Animism 101=We are part of Earth & Nature is our Teacher
Sacred Land is Under our Feet

This 28 day course offers 29 multimedia lessons guided by Quynn Red Mountain and her/their Nature Teachers over the last 20 years. You can begin Lesson One on the start date of your choice and work with one lesson a day of the moon’s monthly cycle, or you can take your time and let it unfold in a different cycle. The stories, tales, places and journeys of this course are shared through the lens of Quynn’s relationships with the Beings of this Earth that she has had the pleasure to meet.

You have your Allies and Teachers who are waiting to be in relationship with you.

There are the sacred pilgrimage places that call to your soul and leave you wiser and more humble. There are also a countless number of Animal, Plant, Element and Rock Beings living right where you are every day. This course will help you notice, honor and listen to the many Teachers that are waiting to share their wisdom with you. Wherever you live and work, hey are all around you, right under your feet, and your nose.

Colonization and monotheism have created a reality of degradation and exploitation of our sacred natural world, it is time for each of us to deepen our personal relationships with the other People of this Earth…our “Other than Human” Kin. As we heal our separation, we are able to listen more deeply to the lessons and teachings of the sacred Web of Life so we can heal our selves, our communities, and the lands of this sacred Earth.

The 28 lessons (plus one bonus lesson) of this course highlights parts of the Natural world (water, sun, wind +) as well as an element  of Nature (migration, change, cooperation +). Also included: Full Circle Animism and Healing from Colonization. Each lesson includes a drum or rattle spirit world journey, photos, plus a video or audio segment that highlights a place in the western United States that has taught Quynn over her life. However, the purpose of each lesson is for you to notice and connect with the teachers where you are.

Each lesson includes 10-30 minutes of media.
You do not have to “finish” one lesson to go to the next.

Multimedia Lessons Include:

  1. Beside the Road between the Worlds
  2. Full Circle Animism
  3. The WE of Earth
  4. Our Colonized Earth
  5. Solstice
  6. Equinox
  7. Full Moon
  8. Water
  9. Tides
  10. Ocean
  11. Sun
  12. Fire
  13. Weather
  14. Twilight
  15. Wind
  16. Rock
  17. Plants
  18. Animal Kin
  19. Clouds
  20. Day and Night
  21. New Moon
  22. Trees
  23. Roots
  24. Seasons
  25. Migration
  26. Cycles of Life and Death
  27. Cooperation
  28. We Together
  29. Bonus Lesson! Day out of Time

You have access to the course pages for the life of this site.

The videos, rhythm journeys, stories and most photos  are Quynn’s art.

Please note:
Your email receipt includes the download link for the zip file that holds all the audio journeys for this course. After purchase, create a folder on your hard drive or desktop and move/copy all the zipped content into it. Name it something easy to remember, and save it somewhere easy to find. You won’t want to download the folder again, and the link won’t last forever!


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