Rhythms of Feather and Smoke

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Written before Covid times, and more needed during our time of sickness. Reclaim your Animist Nature and remember that you are a part of the sacred Web of Life! There is much work to do for healing Self, ancestry and our communities (Human and beyond).

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“Rhythms of Feather and Smoke” -An Animist Self Care Guide

The helpful and illuminating 18 page E- booklet created by Quynn Red Mountain, Spirit Bridge Practitioner and Web of Life Animist Minister.

The World is Alive, and WE are a part of It!
If you know in your heart that this is true, congratulations! You are a member of the diverse and beautiful new Animistic tribes of Earth. Welcome Home!

Do your dreams and intuition guide you?
Do inanimate objects (such as rocks and wind and trees) come “alive” to talk to you?
Do you have a special affinity with animals?
Do you feel peace in Nature, and do you feel called to spend more time in Nature?

You may be an Animist in waiting…

Excerpts from “Rhythms of Feather and Smoke”

Welcome to the Living World of Animism*, which predates any form of monotheistic (one god above all others) religion, by many thousands of years. In fact, until approximately 5,000 years ago, all cultures on the planet interacted with their living world in a variety of Animistic ways. Animism is so flexible and consistent that it has been the backbone of diverse traditional cultures all over the world, including every ancient tribe of what we now call Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Animistic cultures are, and always have been, those that foster and cultivate the tools and methods with which humans most effectively communicate with the living worlds.

*The word “Animism” is one word from one language, Greek, and it means that there is “Spirit”, or “Life”, in everything. The idea can and will be described with many other words, known and not yet known.

Each one of us is made of the same elements of which the Earth is made, and we are initiated as Earthlings by our actions, both individually and collectively. Yes, we are also made of stardust, and back to stardust we will go. Animists understand this. Animists also know that while we are here, we are a part of this living organism called Earth and that it, and all life upon it, continually speaks with us. Unfortunately many have been convinced this is no longer true. It is our individual and collective responsibility to align once again with the stream of reality where the rhythms of rattle and drum, the power of our feathered friends and the smoke of helpful plants are honored by every human being.

“Rhythms of Feathers and Smoke” resonated deeply with me. As a person of mixed European ancestry living in the U. S., I felt an almost overpowering wave of relief after reading the author’s assurance that we all belong to an indigenous culture, even if we do not reside in the countries of our ancestors’ origin. Being very sensitive to the Earth and its wisdom has always left me feeling rather alone and displaced. I now realize I am not alone. I truly feel called to the author’s description of an Animist of the “New Tribes”. This book dispels some age-old myths passed haphazardly through generations and grants permission to shed that which does not serve us in this current society. I would highly recommend this book to anyone searching for an Earth based spiritual path. You definitely may find answers here.

I bought your e-book last week and didn’t put my Kindle down till I was finished. I read it all at once in the middle of the night. Then I wept. I want to read it again. I have grown so much in the past 4 years, partly because of the confidence I’ve gained in myself after finding lost parts of who I am.

OTHER ANIMISTIC SUBJECTS INCLUDED in “Rhythms of Feather and Smoke”:

We are the Ones
Reality 2.0
The Problem with being Sensitive…is being Sensitive!
The Way of Changes
Memes vs. Genes
Jumping Reality Streams
Innoculate Yourself
All You Really Need
Home is Where the Heart is…
Child Wisdom
Learning your Magic
Tools of the Trade
Your Story

*Quynn shares her evolving use of the word “SHAMANIC”​–
“I have never used the  word “shaman” to describe myself because I was given my own word by my Spirit World for my role- OOlah-One Who Balances. In the first 15 years of my practice, I  did use the word “shamanic”, as this was the commonly used word to describe this  role, and for what was happening to me. Now I use other words- “Spirit Bridge  (Practitioner)” “Animist” “Spirit World Journey” (instead of “Shamanic” Journey).

Please forgive any use of the word “shamanic” in the content of this book, which was written in 2014. Due to the current important conversation about cultural appropriation  of words and culture, and ​out of respect for the Siberian Native People where the  Evenki​ word originates, ​I have shifted the language in my current work, as well as in the  content presented by Web of Life Animist church today.   Also, the website listed at the end of this e-book is incorrect, as it was the first website of this organization…changed in 2016. Now our website name is www.weboflifeanimists.com .  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The wisdom is simple,
The message is clear,
You are a part of the world,
my dear.

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