Spirit Bridge Animist Training for Queer Intuitives-Year 1

Calling Queer intuitives, diviners, space holders, psychics and dreamers! Explore your intuitive abilities and experience deep soul tending practices in this vocational training, specifically created for Queer Intuitives. Broad sliding scale and scholarships for lowest income.

Minimum price: $20.00 every month for 12 months

Spirit Bridge Animist Training for Queer and Gender Expansive Intuitives

Introductory 1 year ONLINE training 

Interested in participating in the next round of training?
Send email to Quynn through contact page. Date TBD


An “Intuitive” is one who has intuition or insight that can be honed and focused for self and others

A “Spirit Bridge” learns to use their intuition to focus their insights, intuitive messages and helpful actions for benevolent assistance.  This is a sacred gift, and a vocation, on behalf of self and community.

“Gender Expansive”- A personal sense and expression of gender that falls outside of society’s current gender binary standards. A person who is gender expansive may be of any sexuality and any gender identity.

In Animist (Earth honoring) cultures,  LGBTQIA+/Queer People are a necessary part of community. Humans are multifaceted, and our Gender, Sexuality and Queer-ness can be expressed in an infinite number of sacred ways.  There have always been special roles and duties for those of the blended spirit, including Spirit Workers, Healers and Intuitive Guides for their Soul Kin.

Ones called to the path of the Spirit Bridge and the realm of Spirit are humans who are able to access both the physical and non-physical worlds.  We are called by the Spirit World to be bridges between realities, and balance there to access helpful knowledge and actions for the community. In the past this has meant that the practitioner themself often blended between the worlds of female and male in their societal gender roles.  For people who are reading this, those gender roles are in the process of blending for everyone, now more than in the past.  Still, those who are meant to be Spirit Bridges are in between and/or beyond the polarities of masculine and feminine energies. Whether called Queer, Gender Fluid, Trans, or Gender non-conforming, by society, there is a whole complex world of the Blended Spirit that is important to those called by the Spirit World for these sacred roles. This training is a safe and inclusive Queer place to explore your unique calling to this sacred work.

“Learning that there’s a spiritual place for what is considered to be gender “non-conforming” in many communities is something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Past Participant

To be a strong and flexible Spirit Bridge Animist Practitioner, One needs help with:

-Strengthening relationships with non-binary Ancestors and Allies
-Feeling Included in the Family of the Web of Life
-Expanding groundedness in one’s Queer/Transgender/Gender Fluid Soul
-Healing/Tending Wounds from One’s Past and Queer Ancestry
-Exploring your Intuitive Abilities as a They/Beyond Binary/Trans Human Being
-Expanding Confidence in You as a Soul Tender, Energy Healer, Diviner and Intuitive Guide
-Listening to Spirit World teachings regarding One’s purpose as a Bridge Between Worlds
-Creating a growing and deepening network of Queer Intuitives who have growing practices that serve Queer communities

Animist cultures all over the world have always had some version of “the third gender” and were often called to the roles of healer, wise one or sage. The Trans/Androgynous/Non-Binary person’s life experience can manifest in many ways, so if you are on a healing path, living a life of self-awareness, and feel called by Spirit to walk between the worlds, there might be a “queer healer/space holder” energy inside who is being called to be of service to your Queer Kin.



During our year together we will explore and practice:

  1. Reconnecting with your Intuitive Self within the beautiful and power-filled Web of Life, where you belong
  2. Listening to inner guidance to discern helpful from unhelpful internal voices/feelings
  3. Building trust with internal and Nature Guides through meditation/journeying to rhythmic sounds
  4. Understanding your unique ways of intuitive perception in person and by distance
  5. Spirit World Journey, Rhythmic Trance (drum and rattle), and Divination skills in your own unique ways
  6. Bringing light to shadow places within self and one’s ancestry
  7. Expanding one’s confidence in personally unique set of intuitive gifts
  8. Tools and techniques for clearing, grounding, blessing and releasing for Self and Others
  9. Creating a healing space for inner child, personal and ancestral traumas
  10. Learning about the depth of Queer wisdom throughout Animist cultures
  11. Maintaining a personal practice of decolonizing mind and soul
  12. Feeling the connections of Spirit and Soul with other Queer Intuitives
  13. Building the capacity for holding space for others in queer or work environments

A foundation of this program is to increase our personal understanding of our Colonized Mind, in ways known and yet unknown, so that we are more able to dismantle internalized White, Monotheistic, Cis, Hetero and Male Supremacy in our personal thoughts and actions. This is not easy work, but it is essential to becoming a strong and resilient Spirit Bridge for our communities.  We are needed.

“I was at a point in my life where I needed to be reawakened into my purpose as a healer. You provided a safe and beautiful space for that purpose.”

Thank you Quynn, for providing a space for me to be me and the opportunity to discover myself more deeply.

“I am reclaiming something that was lost to my family through time and persecution.  I had always felt something was missing in my life, there was a void, this class filled that void. Reconnecting with my guides and my true nature in this life is a priceless gift.”

You, and this training have blessed and transformed me, given me the gift of myself that I had almost given up on searching for, and the words “thank you” do not even begin to cover the intensity and depth of my gratitude. It is like some sort of living embodiment of the Tao, or some magical entity you have called forth to heal, inspire and transform, not just us, but this world.”

This one year training includes:

  • Explore your natural tools of Intuition, Journey Communication Skills, Self Reflection, Empathic Awareness, Divination, Psychic Abilities, and your “Clairs” so you can enhance your skills in Spiritual and Ancestral De-Colonization work, Inner Child Rescue, Energy Balancing, Ancestral Connection and Healing, Soul Restoration, Clearing, Past Life Integration, Personal and Communal Ceremony, Drum and Rattle Trance for others in your family and community.
  • Information to reclaim your Queer human ancestry, beyond human Queer kin and your sacred place in this beautiful Web of Life.
  • Listen to your own Ancestors to guide you in the reclaiming and unfolding of your authentic and Earth centered Spirit Bridge Queer Healing Practice.
  • Guest Queer presenters who share areas of their scope of practice that can be helpful to Queer Spirit Bridges

24  live online interactive meetings with Quynn Red Mountain

  • On the second and fourth Saturday we meet online together for 2 hours via zoom.us. During our live audio/video time together we explore each attribute with words (listening, sharing, writing) and exercises to practice our skills. Our intention is to unpack our personal relationships with these important attributes of practitionership so we are more able to relate to, and hold space for, others in a meaningful way. Each live time is a jumping off point. There are many directions that can be traveled on your own from each subject approached together.
    This session is recorded for listening anytime.

Monthly Opportunities to explore “Tuning In Experiences” with Self and Others in the Training 

  • This training offers opportunities each month to practice your Spirit Bridge abilities with self and others. Personal exercises are offered each month to help you tune in to patterns, messages and signs around you. Quynn will carefully set up trade partners within the group, so each trainee shares Tuning In Experiences with multiple people. These traded sessions occur through zoom.us “breakout rooms”. Before any trades occur, issues of Safety, Holding Space, Consent and Communication are addressed.

2 Personal Check-In Conversations with Quynn Red Mountain

  • In the first and last months of your training, you will have the opportunity to connect with Quynn in a 30 minute check-in call or meeting to update progress and ask personal questions.

12 month subscription to Quynn’s  Celestial Terrestrial Moon Journey Club

  • To strengthen your connections to the cycles around you, each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 guided meditation, prayerful intention and drumming, approximately 15-20 minutes long.

Read Web of Life Animist’s page regarding Queer Gender Animism


Your Human Guide, and the creator of this training, is Quynn Red Mountain (they/she).

Quynn has been named OOlah (One Who Balances) by their guiding allies. They are the founder of Web of Life Animist church and its Animist Minister, as well as a Spirit Bridge Practitioner in the Full Circle Animist tradition. After thinking about it for over a decade, in 2022, Quynn has finally created this training to assist Queer People to dive deep into their sacred gifts, strengthen their relationships with their Animist Queer Spirit World, and reclaim their connections with Non-Human Beings who share this Earth, so they can be of service to Self and Community in power-filled ways.

Read Quynn’s blog post about their evolving Queerness

To find out more about Quynn, check HERE.


Sliding Scale Tuition for 12 month Program: $360-$2400 ($25*-$200 a month for 12 months) depending on your financial situation (low donation is for folks who are experiencing financial hardship).  For those who can donate more than minimum, you are supporting this offering for those with minimal income. Thank you.

*To ensure equal access to this training, if you feel called to this series but the low end of the sliding scale is a burden at this time, write to Quynn with your interest, and about available scholarships. Reach out to Quynn through contact form with questions and requests for scholarship tuition deferment options.

Never worked with Quynn before? If you are curious yet have questions, reach out for a complimentary 30 minute phone/zoom check in to see if this is a good fit for you.


There are no necessary pre-requisites to apply to this training and it is open to people with all levels of intuitive experience


  1. Interactive participation in sharing and contributing to posted subjects discussed.
  2. Exploration into your ancestral DNA Animist cultures to the degree you are able.
  3. Stay up to date on donations, and you are expected to communicate with Quynn if a change occurs.
  4. If you intend to include what you have learned in this training in your vocation, and expect to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the year, you will need to be present live for at least 2/3 (16) meetings of the 24 and all assignments need to be completed.
  5. If you intend to participate in this training as a personal development course and do not expect to receive a certificate of completion, you are welcome to listen to the recordings after the meetings instead of participating live, as long as donations are up to date.


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