Spirit Bridge Training Year Two

From: $75.00 / month for 12 months

Enhanced Spirit World Skills for Spirit Bridge Practitioners-12 Month Online Expansion Series

This series is for anyone who is already a spirit world journeyer, a healing facilitator,  a body/light worker, “one who tends others”, whether “paid” or not. This series is for YOU, to support you, and help you deepen your important work in this world.

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Spirit Bridge (Shamanic Practitioner) Training Year Two

On Sunday, May 2, 2021, from 1-3pm MST we gather in virtual space on the first and third Sundays for 12 months. 

  • Being a Spirit Bridge (similar to the role called “Shamanic Practitioner”) is a calling, a gift, and a responsibility, passed on from your ancestors.
  • Every live session, you will practice your ways of connecting through spirit world journeying, divination, drumming and rattling, silence, your “Clairs”, meditation, trance, journal writing, and sharing 
  • Each month you will have the opportunity to practice your enhancing skills for members of your community. 
  • Receive guidance, feedback, and support from Quynn for the full 12 months

Graduates of Spirit Bridge Training Year 1 (or equivalent past training),  are invited to join Quynn Red Mountain and Elisabeth Black for this Deep Dive Series…  

  • Travel through distance, dimension and time, to strengthen your intuitive, psychic and space holding abilities that can be helpful to those in need.
  • The rhythms of intentional drumming, rattling and trance-ing thins the veil between the worlds so you can see, hear, know and listen for what is needed for your clients.
  • Seek, Find and Share your personal and ancestral Spirit Teachers so they can teach you how to confidently share your gifts with your community.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice is the way to Learn your Sacred Ways.

In relationship with our Ancestors and Helping Spirits, the following subjects will be approached during one live meeting in a month, then for the second meeting in a month, these subjects will be practiced with volunteer clients from the community:

Connecting, Clearing, Protecting, Empathing, Releasing, Balancing, Reclaiming, Removing, Restoring, Negotiating, Transmuting, Empowering 

Quynn’s intention is to support each participant in strengthening their ability to consult and access their personal and ancestral Spirit World for what is most needed at any one time.  The content is not offered from a cultural approach to each subject, it is each Spirit Bridge’s responsibility and privilege to journey in order to ask for, receive, and implement offered guidance. Quynn’s role is space holder, story sharer, spirit world guide and sacred mirror for your process.

The sliding scale for this training adventure is $900-$1800 for the series (or $75-$150 per month) depending on financial situation. 

There are partial scholarship and trade possibilities for those with low income (and needed skills to share with Web of Life).  BIPOC and LGBTQ supportive.   Contact Quynn with your request to participate.

This series is a vocational development course and is considered an approved prerequisite for the Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment program beginning in May of 2021.

Also included: 
-Two 45 minute sessions with Quynn for each participant over the year. One in the first month,  and in the last month, to check in, adjust and deepen one’s practice. 

-Recordings of each meeting

-One year subscription to Quynn’s Raven’s Moon Journey Club


If you have completed the Spirit Bridge Year One Program (or equivalent training) and would like to apply to participate in this Year Two, reach out to Quynn to apply.
I loved all of the stages of this program and the transformation that we all experienced.  Every time we gathered for another day of journeying and sharing, it seemed like it was an orchestra of Spirits shaping and shifting our energies, putting us through powerful initiations.

Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, founder of Web of Life Animists, who began spontaneously journeying in 1996 (taught by a Dream Teacher), and has been holding space for others’ journeys since 1999. To find out more about Quynn go to www.quynn.com


This training is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church.

Earth Web Media makes every effort to offer accessible training options at incredibly affordable prices. However, you need to be in charge of your end of the donation process. If you pay in full and then drop out, No Refunds. If you pay with a recurring donation, it is your responsibility to inform Earth Web Media of your stop payment date before it happens. No refunds if you forget. If you do not inform Earth Web Media that you are leaving program, it will be assumed that you are continuing to participate by listening to the class recordings, and therefore, no refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

Sliding Scale

Low Income, Middle Income, Comfortable

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