The World is Alive- Animism Remembered


This FREE introductory Animist Mini-Course will introduce, or maybe reaquaint, you with an ancient part of yourself.

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You are a part of the sacred Web of Life.  It is a perfect time to remember your relationship with Animism.

Do your dreams and intuition guide you?
Do inanimate objects (such as rocks and wind and trees) come “alive” to talk to you?
Do you have a special affinity with animals?
Do you feel peace in Nature, and do you feel called to spend more time in Nature?

IS THIS YOU? If so, Welcome HOME.

The double helix of our spiraling DNA holds all of our ancestors, which for each of us, consists of one or more of the old tribes of Animists. Due to cultural migration and mixing, over the generations we have become individual mosaics of various cultures. Even if your ancestry consists completely of European heritage, you are still a blend of many cultures. People today look at “Europe” as one entity, but for thousands of years, many, many tribes of significant variety inhabited this vast area of the European continent. The same is true for Africa, Asia and the Americas. Some groups were similar, while other groups hated each other. From our point of view however, all these pre-christian tribes would be considered “Animists”. From now on, when you think of yourself, know that you are a sacred gathering of your ancestral tribes, and they are looking to you to maneuver through this very new world.

This introductory Mini-Course will introduce, or maybe reaquaint, you with an ancient part of yourself. Your ancestors knew the ways of the Earth, and were in communication with all beings. You can Remember that you too are a part of the Sacred Web of Life. Welcome Home!

Included in this Course:

A 13 page PDF, an excerpt from “Rhythms of Feather and Smoke- Animism for the New Tribes” titled “The World is Alive” 
–Learn about our Animist heritage story
-Understand your Intuitive Nature
-Gain Knowledge about Self-Care while living in the Overseeing Culture

Also included:
A list of 13 Animist Ideas

A coupon code for 25% off of any one workshop (find it in one of your email receipts after checkout)

Beginning the Journey-Intro to Intuitive Animism

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