Your Living World of Divination-4 Month Series

Explore and Connect with your Living World of Divination!

Minimum price: $110.00

8 zoom meeting dates
2nd and 4th Sundays of the month beginning Feb 14
Sundays Feb 14 and 28, March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25, May 9-23 1pm-2:30pm MST

Divination comes in many forms, is expressed in many ways, and is present in People’s lives all over the world. Reading the synchronistic messages around us has always been a part of Animist/Earth honoring cultures, which means this helpful act is in your ancestral past. We have always lived within the sacred Web of Life and that Web is in constant conversation. Humans are naturally able to participate in this communication, even when we have been taught and told that we are not. A bird caws, a book falls off the shelf, the sun breaks through the clouds at just the right moment, or a dream helps you remember… these ancestral and personal ways to read the signs, patterns, and synchronicities guiding your life.

People consult with a divination tool (cards, stones etc) or watch the natural world around us when we cannot find needed answers with our logical minds. This online live video adventure series will focus on the practice of divination, rather than one particular deck or system. Find out more about elements of divining for yourself and loved ones. Practice the art of posing the questions and interpreting the answers, reading the signs shared with you in your daily life.

While many think of divination when one has spiritual questions, casting a stone or a card can also help us decide “Yes” or “No”, “Now” or “Wait” about extremely practical and essential movements in Life. Trusting your intuition is essential, and divination can lead to illuminating revelations that you need right now. This series will help you expand your abilities and help you listen to your intuition more effectively as you move through your living world. You will meet divination helpers during included drum journeys.

Practicing the art of divination will help you become more confident in your direct connection to your guides and inner guidance. Each of the four months of this series will highlight one of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and how they participate in our living world of divination.

People with all levels of experience are welcome. We will play with systems, tools and experiences that can help us ponder the situations in our lives that are important to us. We will even work on creating our own divination deck! Each session will offer practice with your own chosen tools (store bought, Nature made or handmade tools), with prompts related to what you need at that moment. Individual monthly learning experiences in your living world will be offered by Quynn on the first meeting of the month. Sharing of experiences will occur on the second meeting of the month.

“This has been such a great learning and practice opportunity for me. It’s really nice to have a set of various divination practices to draw from and experiment.”

Tuition: $110-$220 (sliding scale related to financial need) for full series paid up front or $15-$30 per session with commitment to entire series. BIPOC, low income, LGBTQI+ scholarship levels are possible. Please inquire.
Each session is recorded for anyone who cannot attend each meeting. To register, pay through this product, or send an email to Quynn through the contact page. 

Your host and guide is Quynn Red Mountain (she/they). Quynn created this series from their 30 year evolving relationship with various forms of divination, which she has consistently used in her personal and professional life. Quynn has worked with thousands of people over their 20 year role as a Spirit Bridge and Soul Tender. The art of divination is always involved. Quynn holds space for people to find their own relationship with the living world through divination.

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