rock artEvery human has interactions with animals, in our daily lives, in our dreams, and in our spirit worlds.

Any animal, whether big or small, can impact a person. 

Animals are our elder brothers and sisters, they help us when we are in need.

Every ancient culture around the planet ate, drew, prayed for and to the animals that lived with them. 

What do animals tell us?

What does an animal sighting, dream or worldly interaction mean?

What is the message?



We can’t tell you what they mean to everyone, but here we share stories of our interactions with, and what we know of, the animals highlighted.

The text, photo, audio, and/or video shares a story of animals that interact with friends of shamanworld.  Each post highlights a different animal, or a new story of an animal already included.

Even if you have never ‘met’ an animal in the physical world, you can still receive a meaningful message from one in the Dreamtime and/or Spirit World.   Everyone has Animal Guides. You have yours!


This expanding playlist has over 20 videos highlighting Animals that have impacted Quynn Red Mountain in one way or another. Some include storytelling, others are raw footage recorded of the animal in its home. Enjoy!

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