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DSCN07091smallIn 2014 Quynn Red Mountain was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer.  A “Liposarcoma” grew in her thigh for many months, and was surgically removed.  It was found to be “Low Grade”, but her healing dance with cancer cells in her body will go on for the rest of her life.

For the first 15 years of her shamanic vocation she focused on the areas of healing Soul wounds and ancestral healing.  This experience has deeply effected Quynn and has changed the direction of her spiritual work. In addition to the physical body being run down by the food we eat and the polluted conditions in which we live, Quynn is now very interested in the spiritual, Soul and ancestral connections to one’s manifestation of Cancer in their body.

The following book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to “track” the roots of their illness, get to know the Spirit of their “Dis-ease” (whether Cancer or another potentially life threatening illness), and use shamanic practice to find Soul healing in the middle of a diagnosis storm.  Find it here:

Quynn offers a one time class and a 7 part series for those experiencing Cancer and other devastating sicknesses. Find out more Here.

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cancer spirituality shamanism