Star People Light Beings

Once we find our center, and are able to maintain our relationship with our inner teachers, we seek to trancesend time, heal our ancestral soul wounds, and experience joy with others.  This is not selfish or frivolous, it is the way in which animists and sensitives feel the powers in the world, so we can maintain our beneficial connection in the web of life.

A hundred years ago, very few people had ever flown in an airplane.  Many humans at that time might not have believed that “flying” was possible. The devices that we now use to fly every day, whether in our mind (cell phones, mobile web and the internet), or body (cars and planes), would be considered by our ancestors to be magic, of the Godds, or of the devil.

We now, as modern Humans, are at the edge of our latest evolution, when we come to fully understand, and believe, that we are not the only sentient “life” around us.

Whether you use the words ETs, Star People, Ascended Masters, or Dream Teachers, know that we are being observed and influenced by “others”, and when we are ready, creative communication begins.  It seems that we are ready…
The purpose of our quest is to become aware of, and enact, the multifaceted reality of this next round of “first contacts”.

What is First Contact? It is the first encounter and continued adaptation of world views, between species and cultures.  Do not be afraid.  Do not think you (or we) are crazy for thinking such things.  We as humans have always been contacted by those of the many realms.

We have already had many “first contacts” in the past, and some have been good for everyone involved, such as technological advancements like the ax, and the internet.

Some have not been so good, such as disease epidemics and religous and species Manifest Destiny.

The goal of ET is to prepare ourselves for first contacts to come that are kind, rather than cruel.  Collaboration, not domination, is the theater of the everpresent “Now”.

In the Enactment Theater, the theory of time is moving into a theary of time., where all time continuums are coexisting.  There is no future, no past, only the eternal Now.  The intersection of concurrent events in time is the goal of Enactment Thearists.

The difference between Theorists and Thearists, is participation rather than simple speculation and observation.

Through imagination ritual, performance art, roleplay and dramatic catharsis, Thearists participate in the creation of awareness of the intersection of the eternal “Nows”.

May our contacts be beneficial.

May we practice enlightening interactions with other beings like us.

May we learn how this Now is connected to all that is.

Find us,  Join us,  Be us.

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We are not interested in re-enacting a past era or old culture, we are asked to remember how to enact a new and exciting peaceful way to co-exist with other peaceful beings.  Join us as we learn from the living world!

Many of us are experiencing increased UFO encounters and visitations, having these for the first time, or are ready to explore what such encounters might mean for our lives.  (“Encounters” refers to visitations from Star Beings.)

In the Spring/Summer 2003 Vol. 16, No. 1, authors Sue Jamieson (shamanic practitioner and a lifetime experiencer of UFO encounters) and John E. Mack (Pulizer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School) compare the similarities between shamanic journeys and UFO encounter experiences.

These similarities can be listed as following:

1. both involve non-ordinary reality

2. beings share knowledge or experiences

3. healings

4. tunnels

5. flying

6. light, energy, vibration

7. an unknowing of what will happen

8. traveling in other realms

9. relationships

10. trauma

Michael Harner, who is acknowledged as the foremost authority on shamanism, wrote that use of a monotonous percussive sound is an effective way to reach the shamanic state of consciousness. (Shamanism Vol. 19, No. 1)

While in this state of consciousness it will be possible for you to uncover aspects of your story and different subjects as earth and sky people.  It will be possible for you to really discover what these times mean to you on a personal and global level.

We invite you to become part of this ongoing series of consciousness raising experiences.