To “Journey” is to consciously enter the spirit world/inner world/dreaming mind while listening to consistent rhythm ( including dancing or singing). This process allows us to access the realms that are generally available to little children, our dreamstate, and as we prepare to pass from this life.  The “simple” act of focusing inward, and listening for those that are already waiting for you, is like coming Home.  These inner teachers, healers, guides and guardians have been with you since before you were born.  All the world’s Native traditions, including your own, tell us so.We have animals, ancestors, angels, and wise ones who want to help us heal old wounds, and activate our authentic self.

This worldview, and this ancient practice, is available to YOU, and the process of journeying into the realms of Spirit and Ancestors can help you tune into your own wisdom, and remember that you are not alone in this world.    Your soul wounds, from this life and beyond, are able to be tended/soothed/healed by the tools that shamanic practitioners of all lands use.  The drum and the rattle.  Focused intention and attention.  These ingredients create a blend that is unique and helpful to you, forever more.

“We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing…a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use.” Plotinus

These practices are not dead. They are very much alive within you. They are “indigenous” to you.  When your Soul can no longer stand to be in the box you put it in for your very survival, you can then ask your Soul what it needs to move forward in peace, and be a positive force in the world.

Journeying with Quynn consists of an intention set by Quynn, and then continuous drumming or rattling for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Go to Online Learning to see options to explore this amazing practice.

Listen to the drum and the rattle and see what you feel. Ask within “What do you need from me right now?” “Who is here to help me?” as if you deserve it.

Peace be with you,

Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain

Oolah (One who Balances) of the Butterfly People (Those who have completely transformed themselves on the Soul level)

Ancient cave drawing from France

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