Every Animist brings a personal perspective to their spiritual practice, yet beneath these differences lies a common thread of connection and reverence for all life.

Understanding Animism

Animists might describe their experiences uniquely, yet there are striking similarities in our understanding. The term Animism, derived from the Latin anima meaning “breath, spirit, life,” signifies that all things possess a spirit or life force. We believe all beings, including animals, plants, inanimate objects, weather phenomena, and the Earth entity, possess a living essence, making us all equal strands in the sacred web of life. Unlike colonized views that regard non-human entities as mere objects, Animists recognize the living essence in all.

In anthropology, Animism refers to the life ways and cosmologies of humans worldwide, particularly before the rise of colonialism and monotheistic religions. Despite the diverse practices and rituals of different Animist cultures, foundational threads of spiritual perspectives are similar. These sacred ways of humanity are so fundamental that most animistic indigenous humans around the planet did not have a word in their languages that corresponds to “animism”. 

While “animism” is a modern anthropological term rather than one used historically by Earth-honoring peoples, it serves as a meaningful descriptor for those of us seeking to reconnect with and reimagine needed practices today.

Journey into your Animist Heart through this online course, using words and drumbeats to unveil new perspectives and seek guidance on matters of the heart, self, life, healing, and soul.

Living an Animist Life

Animism encourages each individual to see themselves as an equal part of the web of creation, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle and communicating directly with the living world.

Web of Life Animist Church invites those seeking a spiritual practice to explore tools and practices commonly found in Earth-honoring cultures. These tools and practices include:

  • Honoring the Sacred Circle: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life.
  • Activating Trance: Using consistent rhythms to enter trance states.
  • Dreaming: Embracing the wisdom found in dreams.
  • Earth and Sky Cycles: Observing and honoring natural cycles.
  • Elements and Directions in Nature: Connecting with the elements and cardinal directions.
  • Intuition and Trance: Cultivating intuitive insights and trance experiences.
  • Soul Restoration: Healing and restoring the soul.
  • Ritual and Ceremony: Performing meaningful rituals and ceremonies.
  • Divination and Storytelling: Using divination and storytelling to convey wisdom.
  • Connecting with Allies: Building relationships with animal, plant, and elemental allies.
  • Blessings and Prayers: Offering blessings and prayers.
  • Dance and Sacred Singing: Expressing spirituality through dance and song.

Remembering Ancestral Wisdom

In these times, we are called to remember the knowledge our ancestors held and to understand what is needed for future generations. We each have unique gifts to share, and our contributions are vital. By embracing Full Circle Animism, we honor our past and prepare for a benevolent future, coming “full circle.”

Full Circle Practices

Embracing Full Circle Animism

Full Circle Animism is particularly supportive for those who are the first generation in their families to reconnect with Animism after generations of silence, persecution, and denial. It encourages individuals to acknowledge their connection to the sacred web of life and to unlearn colonizing habits. By humbly listening to the wisdom of teachers within and around, practitioners can rediscover their ancestral knowledge.

We share these practices:

  • Connection: All people are naturally connected to the balance of all time, the physical and non-physical worlds, and universal consciousness.
  • Cultural Similarities: Across different continents and bioregions, despite differences in land, language, and appearance, human ancestors engaged in similar practices—using fire, gathering and hunting food, loving and fighting, and decorating themselves.
  • Shared Heritage: Before human-based religions, Animist ancestors coexisted with all other beings on Earth for thousands of years.
  • Inclusivity: No matter where you come from, you are a member of the Earth community and have natural intuitive abilities.
  • Sacred Connection: As each person reconnects with their Sacred Nature, we help breathe life into our communities once again.
  • Earth Protection: Our Earth is Sacred, and it is our role to be Earth Protectors for now and future generations.

Full Circle Cultural Values

We share these core values:

  • Sacred Web of Life: Being part of the sacred web of life is both a privilege and a responsibility.
  • Spiritual Communication: Unseen elements, helpers, and spirits can interact with humans, offering help or harm. 
  • Dreams and Visions: Powerful teachings often come through dreams and visions.
  • Consequences and Harmony: Disrespecting places and beings in Nature and Earth results in consequences.
  • Gender Fluidity: Trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid deities, beings and ancestors are as natural and significant as male and female ones.

Graphic by Original Website Creator

Our Story

Nature whispers to us, calling us to remember. Many descendants of these forgotten ways are being called in their dreams, synchronicity, sacred learning and intuition to rediscover their true selves and ancestral wisdom. While each human story is unique, our common ancestor is Earth.

We are re-aligning with ancient wisdom, creating Our Story.

“One of the great things Web of Life circles have shown me is how many others talk with spirits and explore spirit worlds. I thought I was alone and strange, but now I have heard many people’s stories. This has shown me patterns of health and disharmony, which has been good learning. It also revealed that the world is full of people like this, most of whom are something else besides what they pretend to be for a living.”

Circle Participant

Tree Image from Original Website Gateway

Wind and Water
Stone and Stream
Ancestors calling to us
from the Dream.
“Remember” they whisper,
to the cells of our souls
“Remember the secrets of
Creatrix and Crone (of any gender).”

So we call to you butterfly,
snake, coyote and bat.
Honey bee, fish, beaver, bison and bobcat.

Help us old wise ones of wing, fur and fin.
We know you can help us remember our Kin
Those who knew how you speak
and who heard their own voices within.

So we ask in prayerful voices because our people have strayed,
we ask that you forgive us,
and help us remember
your ways.

Poem by Quynn

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