Spirituality in Action

We are remembering and reimagining our Animist spirituality
for the health of our present and future generations.

Web of Life Animist Church has been nurtured by the lands known as “Oregon” and “Arizona,” lands taken from Native peoples who have lived there for thousands of years. We honor the Tohono & Akimel O’odham, Multnomah, Clackamas, Chinook, and Pascua Yaqui Peoples. Web of Life hosts circles and trainings for people in many locations where land has been stolen, and we acknowledge all Indigenous and displaced Peoples of this continent and beyond.

Animism in its many variations describes the life ways and cosmologies of humans worldwide, particularly before the rise of colonialism and monotheistic religions. We honor the diverse practices and rituals of various Animist cultures, and the foundational threads of spiritual perspectives that are similar. 

We believe all beings, including animals, plants, “inanimate” objects, weather phenomena, air, water, fire and the Earth entity as a whole, possess a living essence, making us all equal strands in the sacred web of life. Unlike colonized views that regard non-human entities as mere objects, Animists recognize the living essence in all.

Our Core Values

  • Spirituality and Connection – Recognizing and honoring our connection within the sacred web of life by emphasizing interconnectedness and collaboration among all beings for support and belonging.
  • Equity and Inclusivity – Promoting fairness and justice by doing our best to prioritize marginalized groups in resource allocation, opportunities, and benefits, and by creating welcoming, accessible spaces for all.
  • Authenticity and Flexibility- Showing commitment to being genuine, true, and transparent in actions and communications, fostering trust and integrity within the community, while adapting to ever-changing knowledge and factors.
  • Liberation and Social Justice – Committing to the radical transformation of oppressive systems by empowering marginalized communities through our scholarships and gifting programs while advocating for equality, and rights for all beings.
  • Solidarity and Amplifying Voices – Elevating Indigenous and Animist wisdom through active support, collaboration, and creating opportunities to share voices that need to be heard, especially those from historically suppressed human and beyond-human communities.

Acts of Community Support

  • We support the ongoing production of media, services and events by our growing community of Animist Ministers. This includes but is not limited to providing space online and in Tucson as well as an audience for our ministers to grow in collaboration with.
  • We offer scholarships and “pay as you can” for our Minister, Pastoral Counselor and Spirit Bridge (1, 2, 3 & Q) trainings for anyone who needs them.
  • Our thrift store regularly donates life-sustaining items to people in Tucson and organizations supporting unhoused, refugee, women, queer, children, and animal community members.
  • We offer energy tending clinics for free and “pay as you can” to provide needed spiritual support to people in our Tucson community.
  • We host online circles for free and “pay as you can” to provide a helpful space for people going through grief, change, personal healing and for needed ceremonies in people’s lives. 
  • We donate to fundraisers and offer one time donations for WofL practitioners, ministers and projects during times of extraordinary need.
  • We mentor Web of Life ministers online and in Tucson as they create and launch new offerings and/or media content.
  • We offer donations to National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Human Rights Campaign, The Loveland Foundation, Center for Biological Diversity, the Community Food Bank of Southern AZ.

Calls to Action

  • May we be radically honest within our communities and focus on helpful actions.
  • May we fully address the racism and gender oppression present in the dominant culture and our own internalized biases that hinder true equality.
  • May we actively recognize and create ways to “pay it forward” to young, queer and BIPOC people in our field of influence.
  • May all spiritual practitioners who wield white privilege stop using words and actions that harm Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and Queer communities within all cultures.
  • May we pause when defensive, breathe when frustrated, and calm when conflict arises.
  • May we recognize ourselves in each other, especially when we do not want to do so.
  • May we remember that we are each a needed part of the sacred web of life.

Our Vision for the Future

We imagine a future where societies have acknowledged historical injustices and are able to heal through truth and reconciliation. Our educational systems honor diverse cultures and accurate histories, free from colonial biases. Indigenous and eco-centered wisdom guides sustainable practices in healthcare, education, and environmental stewardship. Land and resources are returned to indigenous communities, nurturing cultural revival and empowerment. Festivals and cultural exchanges foster mutual respect among all beings. Humans have decided that our common needs are more important than our disagreements, and processes for conflict resolution and harm reduction have been implemented.  Through the richness of our diverse human learning centers, we create living systems where plants, animals, and all earth beings are respected as integral parts of the interconnected web of life.

“may we recognize and support girls and women throughout the world to be courageous in living their most authentic and inspired life free from shackles of pleasing others,
free from oppressive cultural constructs
free from fearing their own light 

may we remember and celebrate the divine feminine”
Blessing by S, Minister in Training (Tennessee)

We All Belong

The Web of Life Animist church recognizes the tragic loss of life and ongoing conflicts happening in Palestine, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, the Sahel, and Myanmar, as well as other locations around the world. WOL is committed to an end to colonial settler violence and genocide through education about decolonizing the mind, advocacy, and community support. We acknowledge that some protesters, at peaceful rallies supporting Indigenous rights, espouse antisemitic and racist views and behaviors. We recognize that this is a tactic of colonization and stand with the marginalized and oppressed.  As Animists, we understand that we ALL belong, and we must learn to live together on our shared planet. 

The Impact of Colonization

For too many generations, colonization has spread like a sickness around the Earth. This self-perpetuating system continues to fuel exploitation, oppression, inequities, and brutalities waged against indigenous communities worldwide. Over generations, our DNA, minds, and souls have absorbed colonized ideas about life, including concepts of reality, value, shame, self-loathing, “sin,” time, gender, nature, sexuality, history, race, and more.

Dispelling Colonized Mind

Recognizing the influence of colonized ideas helps us remember our sacred place in the interconnectedness of all life. Ignoring these influences continues to inflict systemic and personal harm on our Black, Indigenous, Queer, Brown, Female, and Male family members, as well as all our beyond-human kin. As Animists, we know the Sacred is in all and that we are equally connected within the Web of Life. However, the systems and structures of the dominant culture are rooted in, and sustained by, racist, misogynist, and queerphobic beliefs and policies. These policies have exploited land, labor, and lives of the global majority, as well as the climate, who are paying the price.

What Do We Mean by Dispelling?

“Dispelling” in this context refers to the process of awakening individuals who are currently influenced by colonized ideas to a deeper truth. It involves offering opportunities for them to recognize and challenge their ingrained beliefs in white, cisgender, male, and human supremacy. Dispelling these influences supports individuals in awakening to the broader understanding of interconnectedness and equality within Animist beliefs. This awakening encourages a shift towards greater respect, empathy, and justice for all, including marginalized communities and non-human beings within the sacred Web of Life of our beautiful planet.

Know Better, Do Better

As Maya Angelou said, when we know better, we need to do better. In the history of what we now call Web of Life, we have engaged multiple opportunities to do better. 

  • We adjusted our language from using the word “shaman/shamanic” to “animist/animism”.
  • We changed our domain name three times over 10 years and consistently updated our website language to reflect accountability, inclusion, and anti-appropriation needs. 
  • We incorporate anti-racist, queer affirming and inclusive language and actions into our Statement of Beliefs, website, social media, training programs, and healing circles. 
  • We are ready for opportunities to share resources for congregants to examine privilege and unpack racist and patriarchal ideas expressed in thoughts and actions. 
  • We encourage all friends of Web of Life to look for ways within our spheres of interest to pay forward the benefits we have received, and be courageous in making needed changes in our personal and professional lives.
  • We created our Event Agreements and Grievance Policy so there is a clear path when grievance/conflict resolution is needed. 

“May violence on all levels cease, and may we engage in all confrontation as a collaborative and constructive process” 

Cody, Minister in Training (Ontario, Canada)

Reimagining without Appropriating 

As Animists, we recognize the rich tapestry of traditions that contribute to our spiritual landscape. Web of Life Animist Church celebrates this diversity, encouraging the exploration of various practices while maintaining respect for the authentically unique aspects of cultural sacred ways. 

For those drawn to traditional cultural ways, do your best to engage with the communities from which these traditions originate, building relationships and learning directly from the source. Avoid fixating on superficial “spiritual iconography” and instead emphasize shared human experiences and personal authenticity. Reflect on how your personal practices align with the values of your community. Encourage others to cultivate their unique paths while upholding the principles of respect and authenticity. 

By following these principles, we collectively celebrate the rich diversity of Animist traditions while maintaining respect, authenticity, and meaningful connection.

Creating an Earth-Honoring and Just Culture

We create an Earth-honoring and just culture for all peoples (not only human) as we specifically and consciously address the ways in which we have been colonized in our minds, hearts, and souls. As Animists, we sense how everyone is connected, and the connection extends beyond Humanity.

Join Us

Web of Life Animist Church offers opportunities online and in Tucson, AZ to experience Animist circles and ceremonies that help us remember our natural connections. All kind people are welcome.

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