Statement of Beliefs

Root Portal” photo taken by Quynn, from their book
WE- The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism

While each Animist speaks for themselves, we share Statements of Belief and Knowing, as expressed by members of the Web of Life Animist Church.

  1. We exist within our intricate web of life, composed of measurable energy exchanges between organisms. Within our web, all beings share energetic information, connecting everything without intermediaries. Every form of life, even those beyond our understanding, is part of this connection.
  2. Humans are one family of sentient beings. Every individual, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or tradition, is valuable and possesses autonomy over their own body. All beings on Earth depend on plants, soil, air, and water for shelter, nourishment, medicine, and joy.
  3. Throughout our lives, we experience significant passages that serve as sacred milestones, deserving of communal ceremonies. Every natural place is a sacred “holy land,” and Earth itself is our “house of worship.”
  4. We can perceive non-physical realms and the beings within them. We have the natural ability to connect with, and seek guidance from, these realms during both waking and dreaming states.
  5. To realize our potential, we must ensure social, gender, reproductive, and environmental justice for everyone. Dismantling the myths of white, male, and human supremacy is essential for restoring wholeness within our communities.
  6. We gather in the physical world, the spirit realms and online, to promote wellness through Earth-honoring ceremonies, spiritual connection, community circles, nature honoring, intuitive oracle readings, and energy healing for those in need.
  7. As members of this Earth community of interwoven lives, we commit to contributing to the wellness of the whole because we all belong.

If you feel aligned with these statements, then maybe you too are an Animist!

Check out our Animism Page for more information.

Would you like to explore and know more?
We have many resources to share!

WE – The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism

Reawaken your Animist ancestry and intuitive gifts through Earth-honoring practices. Written for the ‘after times’, this guide invites you to explore self-healing and soul connection with the sacred Web of Life.

$13.00 Print Copy

Introduction to Animism and Spirit World Journeying

This 38-minute recording serves as a brief introduction to ‘Animism’—the understanding that we are all interconnected within the sacred Web of Life—and ‘Spirit World Journeying’ set to rhythmic sound.

Free Offering

Apprentice to your Inner Wisdom

This 42-minute recording is tailored for those drawn to the animist path, seeking to enhance their skills in connecting with the Spirit World through personalized drum journeys.


Beginning the Journey to Intuitive Animism

This multimedia course offers introductory assistance as you hone your ability to connect with, and feel protected around, the other beings and energies that exist in the sacred Web of Life.


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