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10 Roots/Branches/Foundations of Animism

As Experienced by friends of Web of Life Animist Church

  1. We live in the physical web of life that consists of the energy exchanges between organisms that can be measured and move at the speed of light. We are also a part of the symbolic web of life which consists of all beings sharing information, which moves faster than the speed of light and connects all within it without the need for an intermediary.
  2. We are infinitely connected to non-physical realities and beings who dwell in them, and we have the natural ability to connect during waking and dreaming states for guidance in every aspect of human existence.
  3. All other-than-human beings are of equal value in the web of life. 
  4. Humans are one family of sentient beings. Each human, of any gender, is important and has autonomy over their own body.
  5. In each human’s life there are important life passages that act as sacred timekeepers to be honored with ceremony.
  6. The web of life relies on Plants, Soil, Air and Water for survival, food, and medicine.
  7. All places in Nature are sacred and anywhere in Nature can be our “house of worship”.
  8. Social justice is a part of Animism and dismantling the myths of white, male and human supremacy are important parts of restoring wholeness in human communities.
  9. We gather with others in the physical world and online to express gratitude in community.
  10. As a member of a community of interwoven lives, we commit to contributing to the wellness of the whole, because We all Belong.

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