Welcome to the Web of Life YOUniversity
created and hosted by Quynn Red Mountain

Those of us who feel drawn to “Animism” practice the ancient human tools that consistently show themselves in Earth honoring cultures, including: honoring the sacred circle, activating trance with a consistent rhythm, dreaming, honoring the Earth and Sky cycles, elements and directions in Nature, intuition, trance, soul restoration, ritual, interaction with spirit world, ceremony, divination, storytelling, connecting with animal and plant allies, blessings/prayers, dance and sacred singing.  Each person consults their own Allies and Ancestors about how to practice these arts.

• Animist Nature Exploration and Spirit World Reclamation •
• Intuitive Development and Personal/Ancestral Healing•
• Vocational Training for Earth honoring Healers and Ministers •

“The workshops, courses and trainings offered here are a culmination of my first 20 years of Spirit Bridge (shamanic) and Animist Training. All multimedia and live offerings of this YOUniversity are designed to inspire YOU to feel empowered to listen within for your sacred Way, as taught to you by the Spirits of Earth and your Ancestors. I am not interested in training YOU to copy my ways, I am pleased to help you explore, activate and enhance what is already within YOU!” Quynn Red Mountain

6 Ways to Proceed: 

There are multiple paths that can be traveled- Your Journey is YOURS

1) Are you longing to learn and share in community?
You are invited to participate in an upcoming Live Online Circle/Workshop through as well as a growing number of in person circles and labyrinth walks in Tucson, AZ (land of the Tohono O’odham) . See the calendar of events for all events listed (Quynn and others host circles).

2) Do you want to connect with Earth and Sky cycles and your own intuition in a guided way?
You are invited to become a member of Quynn’s Celestial Terrestrial Meditation and Journey Club to receive Full and New Moon audio mp3s (each approx 15-15 minutes) of Quynn’s intuitions about the particular moon phase, and then a guided meditation or journey with drum, rattle, singing bowl and other sounds, for your relaxation and inner world connection. Plus additional offerings! Listen when it is best for you and stay connected to the patterns of Earth and Sky.

3) Do you have a specific need or interest?
Easy! You can simply download ala-cart pre-recorded workshops for you to explore on your own, at your pace. Many subjects are available, with new ones posted monthly. All are affordable!

4) Are you ready to dive deeper into your healing and inner world connection?
Explore the pre-recorded and downloadable and mobile friendly multimedia training courses
Quynn has gathered together the foundational workshops from the first 15 years of their practice into these courses. Each subject is vitally important for anyone who is ready to reclaim their Animist self in this colonized world. Each course includes multiple lessons and 3-7 hours of original introductory audio workshops, journeys, meditations and writing prompts, all created, recorded and edited by Quynn during the last 10 years.

5) Are you called to understand your abilities and/or help others?
Participate in a vocational or personal development training with Quynn. Affirm your intuitive abilities, explore soul restoration and learn how to be a Spirit Bridge practitioner and Animist Minister in the Full Circle Animist Tradition. See all upcoming trainings below and here.

6) Are you interested in a one on one experience with Quynn? Do you desire a mentor, coach and guide? Know you are welcome to reach out to see if it is a good time to collaborate for your deepening focus/intention/plan regarding your wellness and nourishment.

Each journey, meditation, workshop, series, ceremony and training encourages you to explore within your consciousness, spirit world and soul, while connecting more deeply with the sacred web of life.

“It is like I have been doing this all my life, but forgot, and now I am remembering. Thank you thank you for your guidance and willingness to lead those of us drawn to this path.”

I love your drum tracks. I have been journeying to my best ability. I am realizing the parts of me I’ve lost and need to retrieve back. You are a blessed soul to offer these drum tracks to people all over this world.

 I love receiving my monthly audios. Your words hold great meaning and are beyond helpful.

I just listened to one of your Workshops and it was excellent. You provided safety, guidance, and comfort for my journey. Good work.

I want to say thank you Quynn. I just listened to the soul retrieval recording and journaled about my findings. It is so much of what I’ve been thinking and feeling that was knotted and this allowed the knot to unravel. I am so grateful and appreciative. The only part of the process that caused some momentary pause/distraction was when I would hear the word “imagination” but only because “it’s in your imagination” was used as a negative in some parts of my life. I got over it before the drumbeats started. Thank you for that too.


Live Circles: Refunds will be given if Quynn has a tech issue that makes it so the circle cannot happen, or that the circle is stopped midway due to a technical issue on Quynn’s end.  Refunds will NOT be given if you are not able to attend, or for tech issues on your end.  You need to check your technology before the circle to make sure that zoom is installed and able to run on your device.

Courses: Due to the fact that the Course downloads are sent to you upon purchase, All sales are final. No refunds given.

Trainings: No refunds are given for trainings.

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