Full Circle Animism

FULL CIRCLE ANIMISM with the Web of Life Animist Church

Web of Life church encourages people who are searching for a “spiritual” practice to explore tools that consistently show themselves in Earth honoring cultures, including: honoring the sacred circle, activating trance with a consistent rhythm, dreaming, honoring the Earth and Sky cycles, elements and directions in Nature, intuition, trance, soul restoration, ritual, interaction with spirit world, ceremony, divination, storytelling, connecting with animal, plant and elemental allies, blessings/prayers, dance and sacred singing. Each person consults their own Ancestors, Teachers and Allies about how to practice these arts through multiple Animist techniques (journeying, trance, plant medicine, meditation +), without appropriating or copying specific elements/parts of living traditions and practices.

This path is for anyone, and it can especially be helpful for anyone who is the first generation in their family, after numerous generations of silence/persecution/denial, who openly feels their connection with the sacredness within the Web of Life and actively begins to unlearn colonizing habits and humbly listen to the wisdom of teachers within and around. 

In these times we are called to remember what our ancestors knew, and what is wanted of, and for, us for future generations. We have gifts to share, and we are needed. In this time, we are coming “full circle”.

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