Wisdom Within Monthly Pass

Do you need? Healing, Inner Calm, Clearing, Protection, Spirit Traveling, Nature Connection and Mindfulness Practice from an Earth honoring approach? Feed your Soul with Audio Recordings and Live Circles w/ Quynn Red Mountain. $12-$48 a month sliding scale (for 3 months)

Minimum price: $12.00 every month

You are invited to join this Animist Online Wellness Society

Wisdom Within is a dynamic and supportive monthly premium membership with your host Quynn Red Mountain

Experience the wisdom within and around you with Quynn Red Mountain. Join, and receive recordings of live introspective and Insightful circles that Quynn has hosted for many years, with many people exploring their healing authentic Selves.

 Listen Within for Personal Revelation, Grounding Centering and Slow Healing Guidance with Quynn’s storytelling, self-healing experience, guided meditation and rhythmic soundscapes that create space for you to expand, rest and grow.

“As a member, you are welcome to join my 1 hour live online circles if the timing works for you (see calendar) and/or listen to the audio recording when you desire. In each recording I share about the circle’s subject and why it is important in personal and collective healing. After opening the circle I share an intuitive sequence of guided meditation and rhythmic soundscapes to create a relaxing shift in your mindstate, encouraging relaxation and insight. The recording of voice and rhythmic sound is 20-30 minutes, and clear so your natural guidance system can bring you helpful messages and a greater sense of well being in your life. I created this subscription as a heartfelt offering to assist in the healing, restoring and supporting Earth honoring People at this time. It is an honor for me to hold space for you in this way!” Quynn

This offering is an amazingly affordable way to stay connected with your Sacred Healing and Expanding Self within the Pulsing Web of Life. Connect throughout each month, in small doses, on your schedule. Each audio recording becomes available for download within 48 hours after the circle. 

For only $12-$48 a month sliding scale (for 3 months)*, subscribers gain access to join Quynn’s 1 hour zoom circles# each month (see current circles) LIVE, as well as access to recordings of current and past live circles (approx 30 minutes consisting of introduction, meditation and close). See below for topics.
Listen at your convenience, in your chosen space and time.

*based upon your ability to pay. Reach out for scholarship info.
#Live Series and in person Circles are excluded

As a Member, you will receive:

+8 Recordings each Month highlighting any of these Wellness Subjects
+Entry to Quynn’s Live 1 hour zoom circles (between 4-12 each month)
+4 Recordings each Month of past circles about any of these Subjects
+Access to growing archive of journeys and meditations
+Once a month receive a coupon code for 50% off a Recorded Course

-Animist Awareness Enhancement

-Soul Restoration Practices

-Rhythmic Meditation and Drum Journeying

-Plant Teacher Wisdom

-Clearing and Protection 

-Cannabis as Teacher

-Listening to the Spirits of Sickness and/or Addiction

-Past Lives Exploration

-Ancestral DNA Healing  

-Queer Healing & Expansion

-Holding Space for Grief, Anxiety and Pain

-Earth Meditations 

-Trance Enhancement

        -Dream and Dimensional Traveling   

-Wellness, Sacred Body and Joy

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Also Included:

Invitation to join any and all one hour live online circles with Quynn (see current schedule here). Entry donation is covered by this membership.

-Celestial Terrestrials Meditation & Journey Club
Each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 with Quynn’s thoughts, prayerful intention and self-reflective experiences (drum/rattle journeys and/or guided meditation) regarding the inner and outer cycles of the moment.  Learn more Here.

-Learn to Journey-Intro Support Bundle is INCLUDED

Whether you are new to “journeying” or have not yet journeyed with Quynn, these 4 introductory audio workshops will describe the terrain, offer journeying intention ideas, and guide you in a gentle way as you learn to navigate your Spirit World and Soul. Over 4 hours of journeying instruction!

  • Intro to Journeying 1 hr 16 minutes
  • Spirit Flight Journey Circle 48 minutes
  • Tips for Traveling 57 minutes
  • “We” Spiritual Support Circle 45 minutes

Thank you for these soundscapes and recorded meditations, they are amazing creations!

I was amazed at how clear and three dimensional the sound was. It felt like you were right there next to me! Your guidance was comforting and relaxing. At the end I felt very refreshed and inspired.

Very helpful!!! ❤

thank you so much for sharing these meditations. they help me get through my difficult moments.

Your donation helps create this Wellness Society, available to ALL who need it. 

Your donations directly support Web of Life Animist church and all the community support circles, programs, trainings and sessions that we offer online and in Tucson.

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