Celestial Terrestrial Meditation and Journey Club

Suggested price: $9.00 / month

“The various journeys and guided meditations available here are amazing and I want to thank you for providing this extensive resource. It’s truly making a difference in my life, attuning me to my guides, the Nature Beings around me, as well as to my own intuitive wisdom.”
Available by sliding scale = $5-$20 a month, depending on your income

Minimum price: $5.00 every month

Celestial= Relating to the sky, and those who reside in the sky.
Terrestrial= Relating to the Earth, and those who live on the Earth.

Calling Earth dwelling Humyns, now is an important time to listen within and around you for the support and insight that awaits you.

I was amazed at how clear and three dimensional the sound was. It felt like you were right there next to me! Your guidance was comforting and relaxing. At the end I felt very refreshed and inspired.


1) Celestial Terrestrial Journeys/Meditations
Each month you will receive Audio Rhythm Journeys and Meditations (approximately 15 minutes each) for New and Full Moon. Each contains a verbal introduction, and then a rhythmic meditation (could be a combination of drum, rattle, singing bowl, nature sounds). Segments are sent by email while the energy of the moon is active (exact time/day of live and email is part of the divination). Each audio meditation/journey draws on the Moon energy of the month as well as timely terrestrial energies that may be influencing us all.

Here is a shortened sample of Quynn’s voice…

Here is a sample of Quynn’s drum…


2) Besides the Road, Between the Worlds-Monthly Urban Nature Connection Club
Once a month on the waxing (1st quarter) moon, you will receive a 10-15 minute audio meditation by email with an introduction to the subject of the month, plus a guided meditation and rhythmic accompaniment to sense and learn more about the natural element highlighted at that moment of the yearly cycle (see details and order of subjects here).

3) Every waning (3rd quarter) moon, you will receive an email with an image of a divination card for the day, an original blessing from Quynn, and a coupon code for 50% off any one RHYTHM/SOUNDSCAPE, JOURNEY, WORKSHOP OR  COURSE FOR THAT MONTH!       

4) The 8 Earth Days are Sacred Time Keepers-Receive an audio file of a divination reading with Quynn
On each of the 8 sacred Earth days (Equinoxes, Solstices, Quarter Days) you will receive access to a video divination reading for current and coming energies. The audio segment is emailed, and the video is shared live in private FB group.

Your membership supports Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church and all of our programs. Thank you for being a part of our web.

The requested monthly donation is $9, however, to allow broader access to those people who are experiencing low income, there is an option to donate less than $9 (minimum $5) a month. There is also now an option to donate more than $10 (up to $20) for anyone who is eager to support Web of Life and has the means to offer more.  Thank you for your support.

  • Stay connected to Sun and Moon energies, Sky influences, and the seasons of Earth with the power of  monthly+ guided imagination journeys.
  • Your Animist Ancestors and Spirit Allies are close as you ride Quynn’s rhythms and guiding words.
  • Feel the influences of your Terrestrial and Celestial worlds in your daily life with short (10-20 minutes) segments to fit in your busy life.

Your online offerings are great!  
Thank you for the opportunity to connect in this way!

Much gratitude to you Quynn for this New Moon message and drum! It was perfect for me and a great drum journey to reflect and now move forward in my day!

Celestial Terrestrial Club

Monthly, Yearly

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