Ways to Support Web of Life Animist church

I am so grateful that Web of Life exists for me and many others! Even when I am not able to attend, I know you are doing such good work!

If you have been touched, helped and inspired by any of our offerings at any point during the last 20 years, please consider supporting our growing community by:

  • Making a Tax-Deductible Monetary Donation
    Donate online –
    any amount is welcomed

The Web of Life Animist Church is a religious nonprofit that is equivalent to a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Feathers of Pheasant, Duck, Chicken and Turkey

Your support helps build a stronger community by creating a safe space for people to explore, heal and train. 

Participate and Donate for Services

Our Expanding Growth with Your Support

  • Web of Life YOUniversity: We are creating an expanded online learning system so more people around the world can develop skills and healing through recorded audio and video courses.
  • Training and Ordaining: We continue to train more Earth-honoring people in Tucson and beyond as Spirit Bridge Practitioners, Animist Ministers and Pastoral Counselors who support their communities.
  • Weekly Live Online Circles: We host weekly live online circles for outreach and support around the world.
  • Podcasts and Informational Videos: We create podcasts and informational videos to highlight important Animist areas of interest.
  • Community Outreach: Through media and circles, we expand our outreach into communities of like-mind and those who have never heard of Animism.

We have created and offered so much with your donations. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to being able to support Earth honoring People together for years to come!!!

See our event calendar for online and in Tucson live events

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