WE – The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism


Receive a paperback copy of WE-The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism, autographed by Quynn :). US Shipping included.

Originally written in 2004, Quynn changed the name and updated it for 2021 and beyond. It is time to remember your Animist ancestry, explore your Intuitive gifts and heal your trauma through Earth honoring practices. The paperback version highlights black and white sketched mirrored photographs (and blessings!) by Quynn of sacred places around the western lands called United States.

May we learn to see our community
as interwoven branches on a sacred Tree.

WE is a 146 page (paperback) experiential field guide to the ancient territory of Animism, which means that we are all connected in the web of life, which is the oldest way of humanity. Full Circle Animism is for anyone who has been made to forget these original Animist roots. Chapters include exploring one’s inner world, healing soul wounds, connecting with the world around and spiritual self care. Written for the “after times” of climate crisis, pandemic and colonized mind, this helpful field guide assists any person, of any background, learn how to utilize animist techniques for self healing and soul exploration.

You can order a signed paperback copy at this page (be sure to enter your mailing address during order). Kindle copy can be purchased for 3.99 here. The Kindle copy highlights the full color mirrored photographs by Quynn. These color images will become the forthcoming Sacred Nature Portals Oracle deck. 

I have so much gratitude for your book. I appreciate your teaching style and how the book emphasizes there isn’t just one “right” way to become kindred. I feel more competent in my ability to follow my intuition, guides, and doing the practices that are best for me and my path. Thank you so much! Can’t wait until the next opportunity to sit in circle and learn from you.

May the high mountain peaks within you nourish
your inner flower meadows.

From the forward to this 3rd edition:

Welcome. My name is Quynn Red Mountain and the stories and ideas on the following pages have come through me during my life so far. The messages, tales, journeys and practices have been shared with me as inspiration, voice, vision and imagination in both day and night dreams. They have been persistent and determined that I bring it all into this world at this time.

The visions, prophecies (not shared in this book) and foretellings have been consistent, never wavering, and the message has been clear. It is time for these ideas, and I must share them with you. I tell you this because there is a voice in my head that says “that is ridiculous. Who are you to do this? Why you? You aren’t special.” Maybe so. However, over a couple decades of living with these messages I know that the guidance doesn’t wrongly guide me. Things have played out and have come to be. So, I have enough inner “proof” that I must do what is wanted of me, to share this body of work with you. Consider it a map, a key, a field guide to help you find your way, in your own way. You are important here.

I hope that you, the reader and seeker, find guidance, trail markers and affirmation in these stories for your inner journeys of healing, and your adventures in reconnecting with the living world of Full Circle Animism. Many blessings for your travels. I look forward to crossing paths with you.

I do not speak for any Animist or Shamanic Practitioners, nor anyone of any tradition. I do speak for the voices I hear and for that which I call “Full Circle” Animism (not Animism in general). I share my experiences and research to assist in the collective healing. This guide is for all who seek to dismantle colonization, reclaim their inner world and express their sacred self in our beautiful web of life.

If you want someone who can really HELP you HELP yourself,

you need someone who has learned by personal experience.

Quynn has done just that, deepening her knowledge and skill

on her healing path and sharing her learning with many people over 20+ years.

She shares what she has been taught within by listening closely and letting go fearlessly,

so you can trust that her unique path will help you find your path

to your truth and healing. She doesn’t tell you exactly what to do,

but gives you examples and choices that can lead you to your own way

of learning, knowing, and healing.

Trusting her teaching will lead you to trusting yourself.


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