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The act of walking a labyrinth is meditative and centering.  They are considered portals and sacred space.  When one enters the Labyrinth one enters a portal between worlds, each bend, back and forth, turns the walker inward.  The Center of the Labyrinth is a special place, yet holds personal meaning to each walker.  At Web of Life Labyrinth walks, we often create an altar in the center, and we offer opportunities for people to focus their intention in a particular way (a theme for the labyrinth, or having divination or a gift in the center for each walker).  People can leave their worries or wishes in the center, and return to the world with new insights.

Learn more about Labyrinths (different than mazes) HERE.

The labyrinth is found in many places around the planet. The twists and turns (with no dead ends!) come in many patterns and shapes, and are many thousands of years old. The Labyrinth tradition is alive and well in our world!

In Tucson we host luminous LED light labyrinth walks each Full Moon. This is a meaningful opportunity to share this beautiful experience!

We began hosting Labyrinth Walks in 2006.  Since then we have created many labyrinths at locations and events around the western United States, including Tucson, Arizona, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and as far north as Washington state.

Web of Life labyrinths can be created with Tempera paint, colored rope, stone and Ponderosa Pine cones. :)  Locations for past temporary labyrinths have been parks, plateaus, dry lake bottoms, beaches, sand dunes, and a high rise parking garage.

Web of Life Labyrinth walks can be elaborate or simple, depending on the event and circumstance. Drumming, rattling, singing bowls or bells have accompanied our Labyrinth walks.  Silent walks are special too.   We have found that children LOVE to RUN the Labyrinth.  They run, and run, and run! They smile and laugh and run some more. :)  Anything is possible at a Web of Life Labyrinth.

 Each Full and Dark Moon we host luminous labyrinth walks in Tucson, Az. See our Calendar of Events for the date, time and location.

Jacob Gardener is the official Web of Life Labyrinth maker.

His specialty is the 7 circuit Cretan Labyrinth (round and squared) and has been creating labyrinths for many years.  He says his life is a labyrinth and he is pleased to be able to create them physically for others to walk and experience.

Creating a Labyrinth, and hosting a Labyrinth Walk, are sacred, uplifting and enjoyable experiences.  To collaborate with, and/or hire us, for a permanent or temporary labyrinth creation, or to host a Labyrinth walk for your special occasion, contact us!

Love the Earth! Love the Labyrinth! We all Belong in the Sacred Web of Life!

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