Animist Pastoral Counselors

Web of Life Pastoral Counselors are Ordained Web of Life Animist Ministers who are trained to provide needed support services in their community, from their Animist perspective.

Services Offered (Scope of Practice varies, depending on PC): soul restoration, soul art creation guidance, community healing, protection ceremonies for Earth and Earth Protectors, connection to Moon and Earth cycles, rites of passage (birth, coming of age, loss, marriage, death, after-life), decolonization practices, inner world reclamation, intentional creativity guidance, tending religious and colonial trauma.

*See the bottom of this page for more about what Animist Pastoral Counselors are, and what we are not.

When you are in need of support from an Earth honoring perspective, consider working with one of our credentialed Animist Pastoral Counselors in their offered group events or in a 1:1 relationship (depending on availability).  Most offerings are online during Covid times. See each listing for details and contact directly for more info or to schedule.

Quynn Red Mountain is the founder of Web of Life Animist Church
Personal Sessions, Online Circles, Trainings and Mentoring available. Author of WE-The Beginner’s Field Guide to Full Circle Animism. Website:

Jennifer M. Licenced Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and founder of The Church of the Living Earth
Meetup page: 
Website for Valley of Peace Natural Health Center:

Gisela Telis is the founder of the Flame & Bone Storyhealing Collective
Flame and Bone is a space for community, healing work and sacred activism. Gisela offers circles, workshops, ceremonies for rites of passage, and deep one-on-one sessions focused on personal and ancestral healing, inner world pathworking, and shadow exploration and integration. Services offered in English and Spanish.

SueEllen Liss is the founder of HeARTspace-Soul Art for Parents
Online individual and group sessions where parents can take time for yourself to make Art from Your Heart and find balance between your parenthood and your personhood. Become a better parent by becoming a more creative person.
Meetup group:

Dorothea Nobile, MSWReiki Master and Hands-On/Sound Healer
Guiding & Assisting You to Heal Yourself. Dorothea (she/her) has a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) and is a Metaphysical Pastor, Animist Minister and Pastoral Counselor. She has extensive experience in dealing with Trauma, Grief and Loss, Cognitive Decline/Dementia, Relationships, Hospice/End of Life and LGBTQ+ issues. She has been a member of the LGBTQ+ community for 50 years.

Dorothea hosts the following offerings: Growing through Grief: Women’s Support Group, One on One Pastoral Counseling Sessions and a League of Lightbearers monthly group.
More info:

Sharia Des JardinsDeath and Dying Support, Blessing Ceremonies, Personal Mentoring
Soulful Death and Dying FB group:

Valerie Kravette Creative Coach and Visionary Artist
Color of Woman Intentional Creativity(R)Teacher, SoulCollage(R), Cosmic Smash Booking(TM), Journey Circles, Moon Circles(TM) Facilitator and Tarot Reader

Jacob Gardener- Labyrinth Creator
Walk one of Jacob’s labyrinths to center, ground and listen within.
Find out how to join in person (in Tucson) and online

Adun ShrecengostHolistic Recovery Specialist-Embrace Every Sunrise, Pronouns: They/Them

I help others rewrite the stories that hold them back, embrace their authenticity, and step into their full power! I am a Holistic Recovery Specialist, Animist Minister, Spirit Bridge Practitioner, Life Coach, and Intuitive Healer that is an LGBTQA+ community member, sober badass, and here to help heal the world!

Laura Brinckerhoff MA, Animist Pastoral Counselor and Minister 

The Peace Barn- a collaborative brave space for Grief Tending, Recovery Support and Spiritual companioning. Coming in 2024 

*Web of Life Animist Pastoral Counselors are not Social Workers, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. We do not assess, diagnose or treat “mental health” issues. We are trained in Animist practices, and are ordained Animist Ministers who are able to assist you in your personal healing, within our Scope of Practice.

Jacob and his Labyrinth
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