Animist Reiki

Animist* Reiki incorporates traditional Usui Reiki techniques and attunement but also includes Animist aspects of trance work, drumming, spirit work, animal and plant spirits, journeying for information, crystals, and psychic or intuitive work.

* “Animist” is a term used to recognize a life force in all beings and rather than believing that humans are at the top of some hierarchy, Animism is a way of relating in kinship and connection to all. 

Animist Reiki is designed and hosted by Elisabeth Flower, Kitchen Witch, Nature Deva, Teacher, Craniosacral practitioner, Psychic Medium, Usui Reiki Master, Animist Minister, and Animist Priestess. 

Elisabeth hosts Animist Reiki Level One, Level Two and Level Three training sessions in Tucson, Az at various times during the year.  You are invited to be introduced to this universal life force through an Animist approach, and receive your Animist Reiki attunements with Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth always offers a sliding scale so that Animist Reiki is available to all. Please reach out through contact form to request to be put on the waiting list for the next online or in person (in Tucson) training. 


Feedback from Previous Students:

I am full of gratitude. Sending you all some more Reiki joy!

It was lovely thanks and blessings!!

What a beautiful experience!

Blissful experience!

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