Called to be a Healer?

Do you feel called to be a healer? I understand! I have followed that calling myself, and have worked with many people over the years who also have been called. At Web of Life Animist Church there are many resources and guidance for those called to be a healer (also called Healing Facilitator and many other names). See Web of Life Animist YOUniversity for many study options in person and recorded.

In Animist cultures, after an initiate is called by the Spirit World to help others in their community, they first must heal from that which ails them. They may have a physical sickness that comes over them, or a “disability” all their life, yet to become a “healer”, one begins and and continues with the healing of their own mind and heart. The ability to help others heal comes from the experience of healing oneself. When you are ready to see your own stories, and work together with healing helpers that are inside of you, and those you choose around you, much change can occur. Healing is possible.

Finally, and very importantly, do not assume that you can do this work alone. While working
with Spirit Guides and Inner Teachers helps you realize that you are not actually alone in your
life, it is incredibly helpful to have at least one human with whom you can share your healing
Supportive human relations (in the form of healing facilitators, ministers, therapists and counselors) and spirit guide consultation is a powerful combination that can help healing occur.

Find out more about Quynn’s story of healing and becoming a “healer” (OOlah is the name given for their role) at

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