Ancestor and Past Life Tending

Your inner worlds are infinite and your genetic memory is long. Thanks to our understanding of what scientists call DNA, we have a way, a ladder, a twisting, spiraling life rope to travel with the rhythm. Each step, each rung, each drumbeat, takes you where you need to go.

Many people feel that past life experiences influence their current life, in known and unknown ways. Getting to the root of a current issue/block/behavior (as well as your sacred ability/calling) might involve connecting with an experience, or series of experiences, from the time before you were born here. It doesn’t necessarily matter how strongly you believe in “past lives”, because seeking the root story about an issue is always helpful, even if you cannot prove that it is “true”. Trust yourself and what comes to you in this course.

Included in this course:

Intro Video
DNA Memories and Past Lives Audio Workshop(45:32 minutes)

Ancestral Healing of Colonized Mind  (22:20 minutes audio)
Tending the Spirits of your Past #1 (39.00 minutes audio)
Tending the Spirits of your Past #2 (35:21 minutes audio)
Working with Spells and Curses in your Past (1 hour 13 minutes audio)
Initiation Journey Remembering Wholeness (14 minutes audio)
Closing Video

~ Journal Ideas and Prompts for the deepening of your Experience-

Also included (download links come in your purchase email) : a 10 minute drumming track and 10 minute singing bowl track

When you are ready, have a journal to write your thoughts, insights and contemplation notes, and go to Lesson 1

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