This Introduction to your Spiritual Tools includes helpful guidance about:
Altars, Divination, Intuition, Dreams, Spirit Flight, Breath, Drumming, Protection, Clearing, Prosperity. Incorporate them into your practice in your unique way.

If you are interested in creating an authentic spiritual path, you can utilize these tools to explore your natural healing, self-care and intuitive abilities.

This multimedia Course was recorded by Quynn over a year’s time and she chose topics that she feels are essential ingredients to living a centered and magical life.  Each segment, in Quynn’s words, and with Quynn’s drum and rattle, guides you within yourself to connect with your innate gifts for yourself and those around you. Through these practices, your Spirit Guardians bring  messages and assistance you need right now.

A detail of an altar in Quynn’s video studio

This course includes:
Lesson 1- Altars for your Spiritual Practice
Lesson 2 – Intuition and Dreams
Lesson 3 – The Healing Power of the Spirit World Journey
Lesson 4 – I Divine-Divination Skills
Lesson 5 – Honoring the Drum and Spirit Flight
Lesson 6 – Protection and Clearing
Bonus Lesson – Enhancing your Journeys
Lesson 7 – Breath and Natural Prosperity
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