Restoring your Animist Heart Course

Welcome! You can listen on your phone and your computer, when you have the time and energy. Earbuds/headphones create an internal private space, and enhances the sounds of the drum and rattle.

This 6 lesson multimedia course highlights important areas related to restoring your personal heart and the Animist Heart of your lineage from the traumas of patriarchy and monotheistic religion. This course includes guidance regarding the subjects at hand, as well as rhythmic introspective journeys and meditations to connect with one’s Ancestors for direct guidance.

Contemplate and explore the subjects of your Animist Heart, as explored in the 4 mp3 workshops and 2 single journeys.  Quynn’s drumbeats will help you part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your heart, Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.

Your course lessons include over 4 hours of audio workshops and journeys:

Lesson 1- Heart Tender Mentor (Journey 17:26 minutes)
Lesson 2-Listening to the Spirits of Colonization in my body (Workshop 56:12 minutes)
Lesson 3-Forgiving/Balancing/Restoring my Mother and Father Lines (Workshop 36:04 minutes)
Lesson 4-Reconnecting with the non-human People in my life (Workshop 57:11 minutes)
Lesson 5-Reanimating my Guiding Matrilineal Ancestresses & Goddesses ( 59:22 minutes)
Lesson 6- Heart Centered Ancestral Tangles
(Journey 15:49 minutes)

Two rhythm tracks are also included: Listen/Download to this 11 minute drum track and 14 minute rattle track anytime, for relaxation, meditation and journeying.

Journal and Journey Ideas
At any point during this course the subject matter in the included workshops and journeys may bring you more questions. When you want to go deeper, you can journey with the included drum journey or rattle track.

You are invited to use the following intentions for additional inquiries to explore your abilities, troubles and ask any questions. Please know, you can use these intentions as ideas to form your own questions and intentions related to what you need most now.

• Ask your guides for more information about any journey that left you with more questions
• Explore any “blocks” or doubts that you encounter
• Journey regarding a challenge in your life to ask for a Healing and Protection Ally
• Go within to offer gratitude and/or gifts to your guides for your evolving relationship
• State your intention to restore your heart, and ask for guidance
• Journey for Ancestral helpers, guides and guardians, for more information regarding
ancestral tangles still affecting you today
• Ask “What wisdom do you have for me?” of your Animist heart

Other ways to enhance your experience:
-Shake up old patterns by increasing the rhythms of your journey experiences by tapping your finger in time with the drum or rattle beat, rocking back and forth, shaking your body. Write about your experience.
-Write about your journeys. Note any difficulties that you encountered.
-Trust that even “nothing” is something. If it seems that “Nothing” happens, journey again about the “nothing”. There is always something going on during a journey, even if you do not understand it.
-Explore your feelings about your relationship with your Spirit World.
-Memories of your journeys may recede over time. Keeping a journey journal is incredibly helpful for long term growth.

These practices can help you strengthen you so you will be able to more
effectively flow with your personal energy, as well as with other energies.

***Please note that this course is offered as a support tool for you in your healing journey. No part of this course is meant to replace therapy or counseling. Quynn’s words, ideas and suggestions are not offered as “truth”, or meant to diagnose or cure any ailment. Use what feels helpful and leave the rest.

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