Web of Life Animist Church has been particularly nurtured and supported by the lands we commonly call “Oregon” and “Arizona”. These lands have been taken from the Native peoples who have lived there for thousands of years. We honor the Tohono O’odham, Multnomah, Clackamas, Chinook and the Yaqui Peoples, plus all those whose names are unknown. Currently Web of Life hosts circles and trainings for people all across “The Americas”, and all Indigenous and displaced Peoples of this continent are acknowledged here.

It is important for visitors/settlers to be respectful of the air, water, animals and land on this stolen continent, as well as the traditional ways of the Land Protectors of Native nations who still live here.

For all “Spiritual” and “Wellness” focused people (especially white folks), racial equity work and Anti-Racism is not separate from Spirituality, actually they are directly related to creating authentic wellness in our communities. The work is ours to do, and no one can do it besides us. Web of Life Animists has been committed to decolonizing our church practices and website for some years, and it is never done.

As colonization spread across the planet, it brought many wounds, falsehoods, and lies to our ancestors. Over the generations, our DNA, Minds, and Souls have absorbed colonized ideas about every aspect of life, including what is real and not, valued or not. Also included is shame, self-loathing, “sin”, time, gender, nature, sexuality, “history”, “race”, and the list goes on.

We cannot create an Earth honoring and just culture for ALL Peoples until we specifically and consciously address the ways in which we have been colonized in our minds, hearts and souls. As Animists and Earth honoring People, we sense how everyone is connected, and the connection extends beyond Humanity. WE are the Earth and the Earth is US.

Learning to see the tendrils of Colonized Mind (which includes white, male and human supremacy) within our thoughts, beliefs and actions, helps us remember our place in the circle of sacred humanity. Not doing so continues to inflict systemic and personal harm on our Black, Indigenous and Brown family members, as well as all our non-human kin.

The image above highlights a few places to focus on #antiracism work. For Web of Life Animist Church, we changed our language (shaman to animist), our domain name (3 times over 10 years), consistently changing our website to reflect current needs of accountability, inclusion and anti-appropriation. We include anti-racism language and actions into our Statement of Beliefs as well as our training programs and healing circles. We invite BIPOC into our church offerings and training programs. We offer monthly donations to The Loveland Foundation and the NAACP, and we support to BIPOC led racial justice organizations. Are you looking for ways to support Black-owned businesses? Start here.

The time is NOW to simply start where we are and be radically honest with Self and community. We cannot move forward with ideas like “We are All One” until we fully address the racism that is present in the structures of the dominant culture, and our own internalized bias that is getting in the way of true equality.

Web of Life urges all spiritual practitioners who wield white privilege to stop using words and actions that hurt Black, Latinx, Indigenous and all People of color. If you do not know how to do that, Google it.

Racism in all of its forms, including spiritual bypassing. hurts us all.

We are ready for this work. It is necessary work.

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