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Becoming Kindred-Personal Activation & Healing Series

January 23 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This 5 Part Series-Saturdays, January 23, Feb 13 and 26, March 13 and 27 10am-noon MST

This introductory series is based on Quynn’s first book “A Tribe of One” (originally published in 2004), which has been newly re-edited for the world in which we now live, and the worlds that are coming for us. The new title is Becoming Kindred-Rekindle your Animist Self for the “After Times”.

Session 1: Chapter One and Introduction…: BECOMING KINDRED IN OUR CURRENT WORLD
We will explore Honoring Shamanic practices without appropriation, Listening to your Calling, Decolonizing your Mind, Taming your Spirits, Coming home to your Animism Heart, Befriending and Dethroning inner Voices and more…

We will explore Quieting the Mind, The Strength of the Imagination, Inner World Exploration, Step by Step Instructions for the Rhythm Journey Practice and more…

Session 3: Chapter Three: HEALING FOR OUR PAST
Tending the Past, Calling upon your Healing Helpers, Backyard Magic-Every Place is Sacred, Tending the “Sad Self”, Unearthing Family Stories, Calling in Ancestral Healing and more…

Session Four- Chapter Four:~SHA’GAN~‌ ‌CONNECTING‌ ‌WITH‌ ‌THE‌ ‌WORLD‌ ‌AROUND‌
Creating Sacred Space, Calling your Circle, Connecting with Natural Time, Tapping the Wisdom of the Body, Nature Loves Me and more…

Session 5- Chapter Five and Conclusion: GETTING ANSWERS AND KINDRED INITIATION
Connecting with your “Intuition”, The Power of your Dream World, The Art of Divination, Synchronicity, Ceremony for being prepared for the After Times

Each session of this series highlights the following subjects/chapters (in order) to activate and unearth the authentic Self (Kindred) of each participant. We use the stories/examples in the book, the rhythm journey, journaling and sharing as our discovery tools. This training is a foundation series for anyone ready to dive in to their own activation/healing, or to go on in their intuitive training with Quynn.

This Series Includes:
-5 live audio workshop sessions with Quynn (dates above)
-Audio recordings of 5 sessions
Upon purchase you will receive a coupon code in your receipt for free download of the ebook Becoming Kindred.
-Free rhythm and drum tracks for personal journeys
–LIVE discussion and meditation with Quynn
You will be asked to journey/meditate/write on your own, based on chapter topics in between sessions.

All bodies, genders and paths are welcome in this series.

Tuition: $75-$150 for series (can be paid monthly or weekly with commitment to series)
If $75 is too much for you, reach out to Quynn for scholarship options

Register here: https://weboflifeanimists.com/product/becoming-kindred-personal-activation-series/ or pm Quynn to register.

“This book is a refreshing take on the subject of contemporary issues and healing modalities associated with modern practitioners of Animism. Approaching the aspect that if one can heal oneself, then by extension one can then start to impact the world as we know it, in a way to bring about healing of the world. Spare prose that carries one hell of a wallop that honors what has gone on before but is not bound by it.”


January 23
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Online event
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